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Located in Jacksonville, Arkansas, Seaton Heat N’ Air has launched its updated air conditioner filter change service. It helps customers improve indoor air quality and offers fair pricing.

Seaton Heat N’ Air has launched its updated HVAC cleaning services in Jacksonville, Arkansas.

More information is available at https://www.seatonheatnair.com.

The service provides homes with improved air quality, making them more comfortable and safer. Air conditioner filters can become clogged with dust, fabric fibers, pet dander, fungal spores, and mold. This makes it crucial that homeowners get experienced professionals such as Seaton Heat N’ Air to change filters regularly and ensure that air can pass through air conditioners easily.

A regular filter change performed by Seaton Heat N’ Air’s skilled staff can help homeowners to save money. When there is a dirty air filter, the blower fan in an air conditioner is required to work harder to push air. As a result, the air conditioner’s efficiency will be reduced and it will need to use more energy, which will cause energy bills to rise. Additionally, if filters are not changed regularly, the strain on an HVAC system’s blower fan is likely to cause it to wear out, requiring a very costly replacement later.

Seaton Heat N’ Air can also help homeowners with expert duct cleaning services. A dirty air filter with the growth of mold or bacteria colonies prevents air from circulating as quickly as it normally does. This can cause particulates to land and settle in ducts rather than being carried into the system and filtered. If the ducts are not cleaned, air quality will worsen and the air conditioners will run less efficiently.

Regular filter changes are also available for increased comfort and convenience. It is recommended to change the air filter at least every two months. If the homeowner has pets or lives in a high-pollen area it is recommended to change the air filter on an air conditioner every month. Air filters are relatively inexpensive and Seaton Heat N’ Air offers affordable pricing on labor.

For more information about Seaton Heat N’ Air visit https://www.seatonheatnair.com or call 501-834-2610.

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