Hurricane Sally Disaster Relief Emergency Catering Base Camp Services Launched

Morgan Chase Management disaster relief company is expanding emergency response catering and base camp services to help with Hurricane Sally recovery. These services are aimed to offer rapid support during disasters.

Disaster management solutions company Morgan Chase Management has launched emergency response catering and base camp services for help with Hurricane Sally recovery. The company provides expert emergency relief operations services.

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Morgan Chase Management’s newly expanded services aim to provide fast and efficient emergency response operations. Natural disasters such as hurricanes, forest fires and viral epidemics are just some of the disasters that are being experienced in different parts of the world as of late. Providing rapid support, Morgan Chase Management announced that they are now offering emergency response catering and base camp services for Hurricane Sally recovery.

During a disaster, temporary housing, infrastructures and resources are critical. Morgan Chase Management has the expertise and experience to design and build large-scale provisional accommodations to house those affected and displaced by a disaster, in a matter of hours.

More so, the company has in their disposal, numerous industrial self-contained mobile kitchen trucks for the purpose of emergency response catering and food relief. These massive mobile kitchens can produce meals to sustain thousands during a disaster. Morgan Chase Management believes high quality meals give workers something to look forward to after an exhausting 12 hour shift.

A company spokesman says “We want the workers to rave over the food and have a great experience while they are away from their families!” Meals are served in climate-controlled tent structures.

Morgan Chase Management is equipped to fulfill full mass care services though their base camp services especially during major disasters. Not only do they build temporary housing and set-up food relief services, they also have the expertise to set up temporary showers, bathrooms, mobile bunk units, laundry as well as full housekeeping services. 500 to 3,000 man camps and other services have been provided in the past on Hurricanes Laura, Katrina, Rita and Wilma to name a few.

The company also provides electricity, HVAC systems, PPE solutions, emergency medical services and all other necessary support services. Trained personnel are employed to manage the day-to-day operations of the base camps—making sure everything is running smoothly and those affected by the disaster have everything they need and are well attended to.

According to a spokesperson from Morgan Chase Management, “We are proud to offer only the best in venue management. Our capabilities include; site design and construction, complete food service, housekeeping, facilities management, and base camp support services. We can serve locations worldwide and are always seeking to expand our resources and clientele. We pride ourselves on our integrity and respect for humanity.”

More information about Morgan Chase Management and their services are available over the phone at +1-877-926-6694 or by visiting the aforementioned website.

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