Huntsville Alabama Business Digital Marketing Strategy Experts New Expansion

The Alabama digital marketing strategy experts at Accelerated Profits Group, just launched a new satellite office to serve businesses in the Huntsville areas. Their closer access will allow more hands on digital marketing for their existing and new clients in the region.

The digital marketing strategy experts at Accelerated Profits Group, just launched a new satellite office to serve businesses in Huntsville, Alabama and surrounding areas. They plan on capitalising on closer access, using their hands on marketing expertise to dramatically increase the sales and profits of existing and new clients in the region.

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For modern businesses, marketing effectively is now essential for their survival and profits. The reason being, is that over 70% of customers now use the internet to find a business when they need to buy a product or service, and what they find online makes a key difference in the business they choose.

Many businesses struggle with their digital marketing because of the seemingly bewildering and ever growing array of marketing options online. Effective online marketing strategies can include social media marketing, reputation marketing, content marketing, video marketing, pay-per-click, mobile marketing and more.

Each of these digital marketing strategies is highly complex requiring significant expertise to produce a profitable outcome.

Accelerated Profits Group CEO and nationally acclaimed Digital Marketing Expert Kiana Hill, has expanded into their new satellite office in Huntsville because she knows that delivering such a wide array of services effectively is much more practical with an office close to the clients the marketing business serves.

Hill says “It certainly is possible to work with clients remotely but having that hands on contact is both satisfying and can yield better results.”

Hill specializes in helping businesses dramatically improve their profits in multiple different ways which include: increasing online inquiries and increasing sales converted from those online inquiries. Hill and her firm have a growing reputation in the local and national business community as a quality service provider with a genuine commitment to helping the businesses they work with to get real results.

Hill says “Our new satellite office will help put us in closer contact with clients who need a premium digital marketing solution that goes way beyond just putting up a website. Our focus is always on bringing in real sales for a business and making sure those sales are highly profitable.”

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