Huntington NY Property And Casualty/Auto Insurance – Spanish Support Launched

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The Modern Medicare Agency (631-358-5793), a health care insurance expert based in Melville, New York, has now expanded into new branches of policy coverage.

With the acquisition of 12 new expert service providers, the insurers are now offering both their longstanding and new clients property and casualty (P&C) insurance and auto insurance.

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As the US enters another year framed by unpredictability, in the midst of a global pandemic and the tumult of worsening climate change, The Modern Medicare Agency believes that it is now more imperative than ever that the citizens of Huntington and Long Island have a plan for the unplannable, and have sufficient insurance coverage.

According to the Association for Safe International Road Travel, there are typically 6 million auto accidents every year in the US, accruing a cost to citizens of $871 billion annually. Likewise, as per recent data from the Insurance Information Institute, over 5% of property insurance policyholders make a claim each year, with extreme weather-related damage now accounting for an all-time high of 97.7% of claims.

As two of the most commonly required insurances, The Modern Medicare Agency are proud to be offering their clients these comprehensive new policies.

A longstanding pillar of the diverse and multicultural community in Huntington, the agency’s expansion also means that they are now better equipped to aid their non-English speaking clients. The firm is excited to announce that they have secured two native bilingual Spanish-speaking agents, Diane Andree & Vladimir Alvarez, to serve Long Island’s Latin American population.

Additionally, as The Modern Medicare Agency continues to enhance their reach, coverage, and support services, the firm is proud to also announce their new partnership with Peter Schmidt, the owner of Evergreen Agency, and their new Independent Property & Casualty Agency partner.

With this new deal, the agency improves their ability to work alongside clients outside of Long Island and the Tri-state area, into Middletown, Newburgh, and Poughkeepsie. More information on the partnership and Evergreen Agency is available at

The Modern Medicare Agency was founded by Paul Barrett and has been serving the Huntington community since 2001. They pride themselves on offering expert advice to their clients, competitively priced proposals, and fast and fair claims settlements.

In addition to their new insurances, they continue to offer their clients Medicare and medical insurance options, including Medicare supplement insurances, dental coverage, and vision insurance.

A spokesperson for the firm said, “The Modern Medicare Agency is proud to announce the expansion of our team and services. We now have 12 agents working with us, so we can better help clients who speak Spanish and who need P&C or auto insurance.”

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