Hunting Dog & Gun Supplies & Training DVDs Headlines New Pets A Field Site

Pets A Field has launched a new site focusing on training equipment for hunting and sporting dogs. It also boasts a wide range of products for cats, birds, fish and horses, as well as smaller pets like ferrets and hamsters.

Pets A Field has launched a brand new e-commerce website where owners of sporting and hunting dogs can buy training equipment, instructional DVDs and care products for their pets. It also sells cat, bird, fish and equine products, and a range of items for smaller pets displayed in an easy-to-read way.

More information on the range of different products and information is available on the Pets A Field website at:

Hunting and sporting dogs require special training, and Pets A Field offers active owners all the tools they need to raise a well-trained pet. The website features a choice of waterproof mile remote trainers with beepers so owners can train their pets at a distance, whether they’re running through water or charging across fields. Each of these devices covers basic and advanced training needs, so regardless of level, there is something for all abilities. They have three settings to help owners find and train their dogs while outside, including Run & Point mode, which allows owners to know when their pet is on the move and when it has stopped to point.

Other sports training equipment includes remote bird launchers that can fit pheasant, duck, quail and pigeon-sized birds, dummies for the dogs to use, and training DVDs for pointing dogs and Upland Retrievers.

But it’s not just sporting and hunting dogs that can benefit from the Pets A Field range. Visitors can also find a Just Right! dog training video that focuses on walking, coming when called, staying quietly in one spot and stopping jumping. Dogs and cats can both be kept in good condition with grooming equipment that includes combs, de-shedders, booster baths and showers.

Pets A Field also sells pet video cameras, flea and tick treatments for dogs and cats, and a range of housing products to suit a variety of pets. Innovative habitats, tanks and cages are available for birds, fish and other small pets like ferrets and hamsters.

The store can be contacted at: 1841 W. Main St. Troy Ohio 45373 937-570-0045

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