Hungary Jewellery Minimalist Contemporary Design Line Handmade Earrings Launched

Hungary-based design company Mastro has released a new line of modern, minimalist earrings and jewellery specifically designed to be sustainable.

Hungary-based design company Mastro has released a new line of handmade jewellery. These modern, minimalist earrings were specifically designed to be sustainable and also to celebrate beauty in everyday structures.

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The new line of earrings by designer Márton Strohner is intended to offer jewellery enthusiasts a product that is handmade, unique, and carefully crafted. The line is available as hanging earrings made with a combination of materials, including surgical steel and porcelain/ceramic. Strohner’s studio, Mastro, was founded in 2012, to give a home to his ever-evolving work and product lines.

The newly released line of earrings aims to be recognized by customers of Mastro as fitting into the company’s aesthetic mission of creating unique work and a wide range of products from small-scale porcelain objects to larger home decoration objects.

These earrings are available in a number of pastel colors to provide customers with options for different looks, outfits, and events. Said colors range from pink, grey, light blue, dark blue, green and yellow with glossy (glazed), matte, glossy-gold, matte-gold, and glossy-platinum decorations.

In order to provide the company’s clients with options in line with consumer trends, these earrings are also eco-friendly, ethically sourced, and sustainable.

Available now on the designer’s website, this line of earrings is intended to provide an affordable and inexpensive option for those looking to source their next purchase online.

These earrings, including the ones that have been individually hand-painted with 24k gold, were made with the jewellery trends of the year in mind to provide customers a stylish, ready-to-wear, and chic accessory for the occasion or event of their choice.

A spokesperson for Mastro highlights the perspective that designer Márton Strohner brings to his work. “His objects combine the two fundamental design principles of quality and function. Besides his dedication to detail and careful workmanship, he strikes a contemporary yet classical chord with products of extraordinary appeal.”

More information on the newly released line of earrings, as well as Mastro’s other lines of home decor items that include wall clocks, storage jars, lamps, and vases, can be found at the link above.

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