Hummert International Announces The Relevancy Of Their Greenhouse Kits

With harsh winter weather, people that use plants for education, research or commercial purposes rely on greenhouses from Hummert International to help grow plants.

St. Louis, MO (November, 2018)–Hummert International is a large distributor of commercial greenhouse growing supplies, equipment, and kits, which is an important fact to remember as the harsh winter months approach rapidly. Extreme weather of any sort used to spell disaster for people that made a living off of growing and selling plants. However, with the incredible technology of modern greenhouses, that is no longer the case at all.

At Hummert International, individuals and companies can purchase greenhouse supplies or kits for educational, research, commercial, or garden center purposes. There are 12 different greenhouse structure designs available to purchase from and all the equipment and supplies you could ever imagine. So whether you are trying to avoid getting cabin fever, need to store the plants that you have already started growing, need to update your current greenhouses, or decide to take on a new project then Hummert is the place to turn.

There are many benefits to having a greenhouse. The first, and most obvious, is access to new plants all year round. That could mean that you can grow ornamental plants, like mums, in the middle of the United States in the dead of winter. Another benefit of having a greenhouse is that it makes it easier to move and transplant plants. Then there is also the benefit of being able to completely control the environment including temperature, lighting, water, and soil. Finally, it means protection from everything including pests, storms and the changing weather.

Owned and operated since 1932, Hummert International is a commercial distributor of horticulture and gardening supplies. Hummert focuses primarily on business to business sales. However, Hummert is not just about profit. They genuinely care about the advancement of horticulture practices, the protection of the planet and the care of the customer. To learn more about Hummert International’s unique business practices and products visit them on their Facebook page.

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