Human Trafficking Survivor-Made Jewellery: Dignified Jobs Partnership Announced

Made for Freedom announces partnership with centers in sourcing and selling products that provide dignified employment to individuals at-risk of exploitation and human sex trafficking.

In recognition of January 2023, the National Human Trafficking Prevention Month, Made for Freedom, a social enterprise for common good, announces its continued partnership with restorative centers around the world who offer dignified employment to human trafficking survivors.

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The latest announcement aims to bring awareness to women, men, and children susceptible to exploitation caused by poverty and lack of economic independence.

In 2021, 10,539 situations of human exploitation were reported to the U.S. National Human Trafficking hotline involving 16,554 individual victims. Many victims lack the basic necessities to physically get out. Traffickers expertly seek out people who have a specific material need they can fill or pretend to fill. The most vulnerable individuals are those who have an unstable living situation or are facing poverty and economic need.

Made for Freedom helps provide dignified employment and a living wage to artisans, helping end the cycle of poverty in exposed populations, and in turn contributing to the prevention of exploitation and sex trafficking.

Sourcing and selling products from partner centers assist in creating more jobs for the vulnerable. Dignified employment translates to fair wages, reasonable working hours, and a safe and comfortable workspace. Through this partnership, Made for Freedom is fighting the root causes and providing solutions to exploitation and trafficking.

Made for Freedom is a social enterprise that offers fashion and lifestyle products created by survivors and those at-risk of human trafficking. The products sold are made at centers around the world that offer dignified employment for men and women coming out of desperate situations. All items purchased support the work to end human sex trafficking.

A spokesperson of the company said: "Job training and professional development are critical in helping survivors move on. Traffickers keep victims isolated from support and opportunity. Thus, for many survivors, it can be extremely difficult to enter the workforce after escaping a trafficking situation. To support a survivor’s lasting recovery, we need to create more opportunities for survivors to build new skills that will allow them to be self-supporting and independent over time."

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