Hull Yorkshire Medical Negligence Solicitors Litigation Service Launched

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Hull, East Yorkshire based litigation specialists, Pepperells, have launched a legal medical negligence service for victims of clinical negligence due to misdiagnosis, surgical errors or pregnancy-related harm.

Hull based law firm, Pepperells, have launched a medical negligence litigation service to provide legal advice and support to clients in Hull and surrounding areas.

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The recently launched service aims to support and seek compensation for patients whose lives have been affected by careless medical advice or treatment.

In legal terms, negligence refers to a careless but unintentional act that causes loss or harm to others. Medical negligence does not mean that a physician has acted in bad faith. To show that medical negligence has occurred, it is important to ask whether a reasonably prudent physician, surgeon or nurse would have done the same thing in similar circumstances.

Medical negligence can include misdiagnosis, birth and surgery negligence, and the new service can provide legal assistance for cases in each of these areas.

In terms of misdiagnosis, if a medical professional has failed to properly investigate a patient’s condition, and that patient’s condition has worsened as a result, there may be grounds for legal recourse.

Clinical negligence during pregnancy or birth can have severe consequences for both the mother and/or baby. Such an event can be traumatic enough for a family without the added rigours of a litigation process. Pepperells’ gave particular consideration to this element prior to launching the new service, and have ensured that the team of lawyers dealing with such cases are appropriately trained to handle cases in a manner that relieves the family of unnecessary stress or additional trauma.

Similarly, mistakes made during a surgical procedure can have long-lasting consequences that cause additional pain and suffering.

In each case, if a settlement can’t be reached out of court, Pepperells will arrange for appropriate representation on behalf of clients in any court proceedings. Depending on the circumstances, Pepperells may also accept a case on a ‘no win no fee’ basis.

Pepperells are experienced litigators that have operated in the Hull areas since 1985. The firm has now expanded to include offices in Scunthorpe, Grimsby, Lincoln, Beverly and Newcastle. The firm covers a wide variety of civil and criminal litigation fields.

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