Hull UK Carport Kit Free-Standing Cantilever Design For Bungalows Launched

Resin Roofs, a Hull, UK roofing solutions company announced the launch of cantilever carports for bungalows. The cantilever carport product includes professional installation and is covered by a 5-year manufacturer's warranty.

Hull, UK roofing solutions company Resin Roofs announced the launch of a free-standing cantilever carport kit. The carport cantilever for bungalows is available as a DIY carport kit or for professional installation bundled with purchase.

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Resin Roof cantilever carports feature projections of up to 2,440 mm and are an affordable, weather-resistant, alternative to constructing a car shelter. Branded as the Concept Canopy, the modular cantilever system includes translucent panels to maximise natural light.

Concept Canopy has been tested to safely bear snow loads of up to 1,690 kg and withstand wind speeds of up to 146 mph. The product is available in white, brown, rosewood and light oak. Coverage width ranges from 3,275 mm to 12,875 mm with 3 to 9 supporting beams.

Resin Roof cantilever carport can be mounted on almost all wall surfaces including concrete, masonry, cement block, and breeze block. The canopy is designed to offer year-round protection with little or no maintenance. Concept Canopy is covered by a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

According to a spokesperson for the Hull cantilever carport supplier, “We are happy to announce the launch of our latest product, the Concept Canopy. Carports offer an easy way to protect your car from damage by the elements. Although many houses have garages, these are often too small to store more than one car, and so for households with multiple vehicles, a carport is an effective way to provide additional protection.”

Resin Roof is a full-service roofing systems company based in Hull. The company supplies GRP roof dormers, bespoke porch roofing, skylights, bifold doors, porch canopies, GRP columns, and other roofing products. Purchases are covered by all-day delivery and 30-day return policy.

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