Hulbert Financial Digest Launched

Hulbert Financial Digest alternative launched. A leading weekly macro-economic report for financial advisors and investors, entitled Advisor Cheat Sheet, entirely focused on providing the most comprehensive, actionable and analysis in a succinct and time saving, has been announced.

The comprehensive investment newsletter, Advisor Cheat Sheet, was created by highly renowned financial professionals with more than 25 years of combined experience to provide fellow investors, advisors and wealth or fund managers with all the updates and analysis they need to cut through the daily information overload and outperform for themselves and/or their clients

The unique weekly investment journal, which provides the ideal alternative to financial commentary reports like the Hulbert Financial Digest, includes the comprehensive and essential weekly market updates, data, analysis and commentary needed to know what happened and why it’s important, delivered in a succinct and understandable manner which helps cut through the noise to save time and money.

The leading independent macro-economic report made by and for financial professionals also focuses on identifying and detailing the best actionable strategies and investment opportunities, from medium term opportunities for tactical investments to the big trend changes across all markets and asset classes, including stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, and more, which investors and advisors can leverage to start outperforming for themselves and/or their clients.

More information on the Advisor Cheat Sheet newsletter and how to subscribe to it or details on the comprehensive and essential macro-economic updates or leading actionable analysis it provides financial advisors, investors or wealth/fund managers on a weekly basis can be consulted on the website link provided above along with an extensive range of free, specialized market commentary.

The Advisor Cheat Sheet team explains that “in today’s wealth management industry, time is money. Our Advisor Cheat Sheet cuts through the noise every week to help subscribers save time and money with the best independent research and analysis done by and for financial professionals. But analysis is only useful when it’s actionable though, that’s why we tell all our subscribers not just what happened and why it’s important but also how they can use it to outperform.” Access to the report is available at the link above.

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