Huggable Luminous Teddy Bear Plush Toy With Glowing LED Night Light Announced

The popular Wit-T has announced a cute glow in the dark 50cm teddy bear ideal for anyone who needs the comfort of a cuddly plushie and a night light before bed or those still after the perfect gift for this Christmas.

The popular Wit-T store has announced it is offering an original, cute glow in the dark teddy bear ideal as gift for those who like to cuddle with a plushie before bed and need the comfort of a night light at all times.

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The Wit-T is an acclaimed stuffed animal brand offering a wide range of quality stuffed animal toys at highly reasonable prices for all those who like to cuddle with their plushie at night, want something truly cute and nice to gift a child or like the cozy, warm atmosphere these plush toys can create in a home or bedroom.

The famous stuffed animal e-store has announced it is now offering a cute 50cm glow in the dark teddy bear made with ultra-plush, super soft materials which turns on and off with a tummy squeeze and provides comfort or solace for all those who like to have something to hug and a night light before bed.

This huggable LED teddy bear which is not available in stores and is easy to set up with 3 simple AA batteries is currently being provided by Wit-T at a highly affordable price in blue, pink, yellow and white colors for boys, girls and any type of room décor.

The newly released glow in the dark teddy bear joins Wit-T’s exclusive collections of sea, land and sky stuffed animals which include parrots, dragons, Nemo clown fishes, penguins, unicorns, little bunnies and Madagascar Gloria or Secret Life of Pets’ plushies for every taste, age and budget.

One of the first customers to order the teddy bear explained “my five year old granddaughter received this glowing teddy bear yesterday and she really loves it. She wanted a light to comfort her when she wakes in the middle of the night, so it hasn’t left her side yet.”

More information on the Wit-T store and its entire collection of land, sky and sea stuffed animals, including the new huggable glow in the dark teddy bear, is available through the website link provided above, on 1 888 223-0959 or at

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