HTS Direct To Launch 40 Ton Load Moving Machine Skate e-Motion 40 On March 1st 2015

HTS Direct has announced the UK launch of their latest e-motion machine moving skate capable of lifting and moving 40 tons without human assistance, with a release scheduled for March 1st.

In the industrial sector everything is made bigger. Machinery and even simple utilities like holding racks can sometimes be stories high and weigh several tons. As such, hydraulics has been essential in the successful lifting of these items for transport and reconfiguration within the industrial space. Now however, these hydraulic devices are getting smarter, and can actually lift bigger weights and transport them without the towing apparatus needed using manual load skates. HTS Direct Limited has just announced the next evolution of their e-Motion range, capable of carrying 40 tons and moving it by itself.

The e-Motion 40 is unique because it does not need to be attached to a secondary apparatus to move an item once lifted. Rather, the e-motion 40 can transport items up to 40 tons in weight across industrial floor space by itself.

This technological revolution is set to redefine the way industry transports large items, as the e-Motion sits under the item itself, taking up less space when transporting, making it easier to get larger objects through smaller spaces. The item also has a tiny turning circle, making it the most maneuverable load skate ever.

A spokesperson for HTS Direct Limited explained, “We are thrilled to announce the launch of the HTS e-Motion 40 for March 1st 2015, and are more than excited about the possibilities a machine with capabilities like this can offer. Up until now we have only stocked manual load skates, but the machine operated load skate has a capacity greater than many existing skates and combines that capacity with a self-powered truck that for the first time can move items by itself without the need for manual or external towing or steering.”

About HTS Direct: HTS Direct Limited was founded in the UK in 2003 and has been active in Germany for much longer. Based in Staffordshire in the West Midlands, their location is convenient for deliveries to many parts of the UK. They ensure all HTS manufactured load moving systHTS Direct Limitedems, hydraulic jacks, machine moving skates and toe jacks are always in stock, and offer pioneering new products from the finest German engineers in the industry.

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