HSC TV is Elated to Kick off their New Marketing Campaign

HSC TV has recently launched their new marketing campaign with MAXPlaces Marketing to better establish their business's online presence and increase their brand awareness.

HSC TV has recently launched a marketing campaign that promotes their company’s corporate profile and mission statement in order to expand their reach and increase their brand awareness.

HSC TV, is an New York City based, storytelling collective focused on creating pieces that break through and resonate. HSC TV’s continued success is the result of a complete creative team producing strong narratives for audiences everywhere. This narrative driven approach engages viewers from network television to social media. Their main focus is on full-service video production and post-production services.

Since their establishment in 1996, HSC TV has produced award winning pieces for a number of their clients, from 30 second spots to extended series, their work connects by presenting strong characters and compelling storylines. They also have extensive experience working with corporate clients, marketing companies and public relations firms. Decades of success in the production industry have led their clients to trust HSC TV with their most critical video needs.

In order to ensure the best campaign, HSC TV has utilized the services of MAXPlaces Digital Marketing. MAXPlaces is a Long Island based marketing firm specializing in Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Reputation Management, Social Media Management, Video Marketing and more. Search Engine Optimization and Management will help to establish a business’s presence on the internet, build up credibility and help to spread brand awareness. Together, HSC TV and MAXPlaces are working to improve their brand awareness across the internet to increase their audience.

Whether it is production services such as, filming, directing lighting and set design, pre-production services, such as budgeting or script writing, or post production editing and correcting, HSC TV is equipped to meet the demands of any project, but all of their work begins with a good story. To learn more about HSC TV, visit www.hsc.tv.

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