HR & Benefits Platform Increases Employee Engagement and Satisfaction

Prism Insurance Agency held an informative webinar on enhancing Human Resource compliance, increasing Employee Engagement and Satisfaction through a cutting-edge Tech Platform and for a limited time, Business Owners can view the webinar for free at

Being a successful Business Owner is hard and getting harder. The increasingly complex challenges of maximizing employee engagement through effective Human Resource management, and maximizing the effectiveness of their Benefits Program to making sure to be in compliance with Employment Laws, it’s getting harder to stay compliant and effective. Realizing this, Prism Insurance Agency held a training on their Technology Platform. It integrates Human Resources, Employee Communication (Performance Reviews, Employee Surveys, Time Off Requests, Payroll, HR questions and Group Health/Dental etc.) benefits in one application.

Employers can view an exclusive webinar from Prism Insurance Agency Inc. The platform saves businesses time and wasted effort by having a single dashboard to monitor everything. This frees up time and allows a natural Increase in Employee Engagement which in turn increases Employee Satisfaction and helps make sure the HR Department is compliant by saving communication logs and signed documents within the system. Business Owners can view the webinar for free on the Prism Insurance Agency website:

In addition to going in-depth on the dozens of built-in HRIS features of the program, they showed how it helps in increasing Employee Engagement, Prism also covered how the platform increases Human Resource HR Compliance during the webinar. One of the most surprising facts explored during the Prism presentation is how the platform can actually help the Employer stand out when looking to hire new employees by having the entire On-Boarding process within the platform. All without risking any employee data or sensitive information by their advanced encryption strategies.

The full agenda of this informative webinar also includes:

Human Resource HR Compliance – Making sure that the Human Resource HR department is compliant and has all the signed forms required by law (and internally).

Maximizing Benefits Offered To Employees – Making sure that employees are getting maximum use of their benefits offering through their Employer. This alone dramatically increases Employee Satisfaction/Engagement with their company since they are better able to see and understand what their current benefits offering/plan selection is and how to best use it.

The Benefits Platform is capable of handling Performance Reviews and survey employees, integrate payroll and is being offered at no charge to Employers offering Group Benefits through Prism Insurance Agency. Employers currently offering Group Benefits can switch without having to go through a new enrollment process and are encouraged to reach out to learn more.

For more information and to register for free access to the full video, interested Business Owners can visit the website at

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