Howard K. Hill Funeral Services Services Bloomfield, CT

Howard K. Hill Funeral Services provides Bloomfield, CT with quality, personalized funeral and cremation services. More information can be found at

Howard K. Hill Funeral Services has provided quality funeral and cremation services to the Bloomfield, Connecticut community since 2004. The funeral directors there also offer pre-planning services for those who would like to arrange and fund their own funerals in advance of need. More information regarding the services, specific pricing, history, programs, locations and distinguished staff of Howard K. Hill Funeral Services can be found at One can also call anytime or visit the funeral home to get information, guidance, support and services.

Howard K. Hill Funeral Services employs an excellent staff. The owner, Howard K. Hill, is a fully licensed funeral director, philanthropist and accomplished businessman. He earned his Mortuary Science degree in 1991, and is approved to practice as a funeral director in both Connecticut and New York. He has achieved the top titles possible in the funeral industry. First of these is his designation as a Certified Pre-Arrangement Counselor (CPC), which proves his expert status as an educator of the benefits of pre-planning funerals. The second is his position as a Certified Funeral Services Practitioner (CFSP), which signifies him going above even the highest standards of care. His passion for serving the community has been honored by numerous churches and civic and professional groups. Howard K. Hill Funeral Services has been recognized by the National Funeral Directors Association’s (NFDA) “Pursuit of Excellence” program since 2011, which acknowledges the efforts made by funeral homes that are committed to giving exemplary services and that pursue the achievement of the most lofty ethical and professional standards. At the encouragement of the “Pursuit of Excellence” program, Howard K. Hill has developed the brand “Aria,” through which he has advanced the education and skills of his staff and has enriched his community.

Howard K. Hill Funeral Services assists families in the honoring of the individuality of the loved one lost to death, and the significance of the life that he or she lived. Having a fitting tribute to the deceased also demonstrates the value of the relationships that he or she shared. Howard K. Hill Funeral Services allow for the placement of a memorial website as a Web 2.0 tool for remaining in touch with friends and family in respect to the departed. The funeral directors of Howard K. Hill Funeral Services also utilize webcasting, which allows the funeral service to be viewed live online. This Internet service is saved for future watching, and may be turned into a DVD as a perpetual keepsake. The combination of the family’s intimate knowledge of the loved one and the years of funeral experience at Howard K. Hill Funeral Services will work to create the ideal memorial and commemoration for the deceased.

In terms of aftercare, the families that go to Howard K. Hill Funeral Services are never left alone. At any time, they may participate in online counseling services, group grief support or view interactive videos.

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