How Virtual Proposal Help In-Home Sales Companies be Safer During Covid-19

Virtual proposals become web content that helps organic SEO using Lead Symphony Software. Virtual sales systems deliver better info about customers’ budget and connections with decision-makers.

Let’s face it, the Covid-19 crisis has caused a change in the way that companies work, learn, buy, and sell. With the adoption of virtual meeting platforms such as Google Meet, Google Classroom, Zoom, and Adobe will connect board rooms and classrooms like never before.

The construction industry, especially the in-home sales construction industry has noticed that virtual demos are very beneficial. Virtual meetings are helping roofing companies increase sales while using fewer company resources to close deals.

Kirby Smith the sales manager for Litespeed Construction, a roofing company in Knoxville Tennessee has this to say, “This virtual sales system has nearly doubled closing ratios, and this is a game-changer. This new selling method of doing virtual presentations and virtual demos requires less time from prospective customers, less time from the sales staff, and decreases the chances of coming into contact with anyone infected by Covid19. And almost doubling closing ratios is nice too. Meeting all of our decision-makers is the reason that the virtual sales system is working so well.” Kirby says.

The newest virtual sales system that contractors and roofing companies are using is called Lead Symphony. Lead Symphony helps companies display their work on their websites in the form of new web pages. Creating a great visual demonstration of the proposal is imperative for successful virtual meetings. It is important to note that Lead Symphony will work with WordPress, Wix, Weebly, square space, Shopify, and HTML websites. Lead Symphony combines marketing automation and virtual selling for any company wanting to increase their web presence and close ratios.

Virtual meetings are here to stay, and no matter what virtual platform that companies are using it is important to show before, during, and after photos and videos of the projects. The faster that construction salespeople adopt the new sales process the safer these meetings will be for consumers and salespeople alike.

For contractors, every property inspection now becomes content on your website with Lead Symphony and these inspections are easily shareable with customers including hard to reach or out or town decision-makers.

Here is how it works:

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