How To Spot Bad Advisors, Lawyers or CPA’s and Manage Your Own Finances If Want

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Boston area financial firm announced a new financial literacy and wellness mini-course is now available for the financially-challenged investor. So fundamental and necessary that it should be mandated in high school and college.

Saint-Laurent Associates, a financial educational advisor in Beverly, Massachusetts, announced the launch of a new financial literacy and wellness course for those of us that are “financially-challenged” person. The course covers the basics of money management and financial planning. More, importantly, it helps you determine if you need an advisor and, if so, how to interview them.

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The newly launched financial literacy and wellness mini-course at Saint-Laurent Associates aims to help people take control of their finances and protect their family on their own terms.

Financial decision making can seem very complicated for most people. That is why they often find themselves in a poor financial situation, with substantial debts and limited to no savings. And, this likely resulted from working with various bad advisors.

Saint-Laurent Associates, in affiliation with Roccy DeFrancesco, JD, CAPP, CMP offers a brief, easy to understand, yet comprehensive, financial literacy and wellness course for those who want to know more about managing their finances and feel confident about retiring comfortably. The course helps you have a better understanding of your financial affairs or hire the proper advisors, if necessary.

In addition, the course explains how to distinguish between good or bad financial products and services, whether one needs a financial advisor, insurance agent, attorney or accountant.

The short course will teach participants how to identify and avoid bad advisors, understand life insurance and annuities, as well as asset protection and retirement life cycle. Participants will also learn the essentials of debt management, estate planning, how to avoid investment risk, and why traditional wealth-building does not work.

For a limited time only, the course is available at no cost or a small fee while still in the BETA phase.

Review the Table of contents:

Section 1: Bad Advisors How to Identify Them: How to Avoid Them

Section 2: Debt Management

Section 3: Estate Planning

Section 4: Traditional Wealth Building (why it hasn’t worked)

Section 5: Investment Risk (How to Avoid it)

Section 6: Understanding Life Insurance

Section 7: Understanding Annuities

Section 8: Asset Protection

Section 9: Retirement Life Cycle

Section 10: Designing your plan

The team at Saint Laurent Advisors (SLA) has superior expertise in the financial service industry. They are an independent firm that understands the needs and goals of the average investor and can provide the right planning strategies.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Unlike traditional brokerage and highly advertised firms, Saint-Laurent Associates benefits as our client’s profit. Therefore, we are proactive in our suggestions and solutions. Contrary to what many believe accountants and attorneys are not trained to be proactive and may not understand all the available options to their clients.”

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