How to Read pH Test Strips Video FAQ Released by Just Fitter.

Just Fitter has recently launched a FAQ video for the users of their popular product pH testing strips. This brief video will help users read the pH strips and understand the significance of these readings.

Just Fitter continues their tradition of creating useful FAQ videos related to their popular Amazon products. The company has just released a short yet informative video that explains how to read pH test strips. It also discusses the significance of these readings with reference to the human body and its overall health. It is relevant to mention here that Just Fitter is the manufacturer of pH test strips that has already received encouraging response from the Amazon shoppers.

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The urine and saliva pH scale spans from 4.5 to 9.0, with seven representing the neutral pH. A pH below and above seven are considered to be acidic and alkaline, respectively. Medical science recommends maintaining a slightly alkaline body pH because an acidic pH has been associated with many health conditions. A healthy body pH can be obtained by maximizing the consumption of alkaline food. However, keeping a regular check of the body pH is important because too much alkalinity is also harmful for the body.

Just Fitter mentions that pH testing strips are the most popular amongst other alternatives to test the acidity or alkalinity of the body because these strips are inexpensive, easy to use, and accurate. They can be used for testing both urine and saliva. While testing the saliva, the users are required to put some saliva on a spoon and then test the pH by dipping the strip into it. In case of urine, the pH test strip should be placed in the urine mid-stream or dipped into a container used to collect urine. In both instances, both pads on the test strip should be sufficiently covered in liquid. After shaking off the excess fluid ad waiting for fifteen seconds, the users can determine the pH by comparing the colour against the indicator chart on the pH test strips packaging.

It can be interesting to test the pH at different times of the day and record the readings over a longer period of time to gain a bigger picture of your progress, rather than reading each in isolation, the video mentions.

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The pH test strips from Just Fitter are available in packs containing one hundred, plus twenty-five bonus testing strips. The product has already received seven hundred plus Amazon reviews, and is amongst the top selling products in its category. Numerous users have mentioned in their reviews that the product provides accurate reading, and can be used to help manage diabetes, joint pain, osteoporosis, and other common ailments by maintaining an alkaline body pH. The product has an unopened shelf life of two years and the strips are capable of retaining their accuracy for sixty to ninety days.

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