How To Potty Train A Puppy Or A Grown Dog In Three Stages Revealed

With a puppy, pee and poo are an unavoidable reality. Doggy Dan reveals the simplest way to stop a puppy from toileting inside in a three-stage program consisting of Timing, Controlling Their Environment, and Rewards. Get any one of these wrong at risk of failure.

Dog owners have better things to do than clean up a dog’s mess, and the longer it goes on, the harder the habit is to break. Sometimes what is needed is a fresh approach and tips to get the training back on track as fast as possible.

With over 250 training videos, Doggy Dan’s website is probably the best place to get hold of all the tips about dog and puppy training, including toilet training.

Follow this link to Doggy Dan’s website, The Online Dog Trainer.

According to Bernadette Fagan, “Dan’s on-line videos are excellent, covering such a wide range of issues & problems faced by dog owners. Dan is enthusiastic and positive, and most importantly…the method works. Applying the 5 Golden Rules, the Border Collies have settled down significantly. No more fights, and a steady decline in aggressive behavior. The “calm freeze” especially, has been particularly effective. Doggy Dan is totally recommended.”

Toilet training a puppy can be a stressful, hair-pulling experience; yet just a few small changes in training can get things back on track.

“The biggest mistake that people make with toilet training is taking the eye off the goal too soon and starting telling poor puppy off when it gets it wrong,” according to Doggy Dan.

It’s about (1) Timing – watching for signals and getting the puppy outside in a timely manner; (2) Controlling the puppy’s environment – limiting it to a small area inside that’s not carpeted; and (3) Rewarding the dog immediately when it goes to the toilet outside, with AMAZING food, not just dry treats.

Go here for a free Doggy Dan’s Three Stages of Puppy Potty Training audio.

On Doggy Dan’s website can be found all the tips and advice on every topic to do with puppy toilet training, such as cleaning up the mess, feeding, watering and toilet frequency and schedules, and crate training as well. There is an entire Toilet Training section inside the site. And Dan makes available a $1 trial of the site for 3 days!

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