How To Pick Just the Right Area Rug for Home or Office.

This blog post provides information about the different styles of area rugs and also has useful tips that can help people make a well-informed decision when picking area rugs for the home or office.

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Provista Web Services recently published a new blog post: Many Styles of Rugs to Pick From. This blog post outlines the different types of area rugs and the characteristics of each style as well as tips about which type of area rug might be best in certain areas.

Gordon Bellows, owner of Provista Web Services, says many people struggle with really understanding how to pick just the right area rug for home or office. This blog post has useful information that's not often shared in the Home Decor industry.

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Some styles of rugs refer to the region from which that style originated, such as Persian, Oriental, or Southwestern. Other types of

rugs are named for a certain characteristic or a specific use, including

contemporary rugs, shag rugs, novelty rugs, accent rugs, hall runners,

children's rugs, custom rugs and indoor-outdoor rugs.

Persian Rugs are renowned for bright colors and elaborate designs that usually fall

into one of three general design categories: geometric, floral or

pictorial. Many people incorrectly believe that Persian rugs and

Oriental rugs are similar, like peas in a pod, but each style of rug has

its own distinct designs and characteristics.

Oriental Rugs were originally hand-woven in China. Now, they're made in India, Iran

and Romania, as well as China. These areas have low labor costs and

that helps these styles of rugs to remain a good value while maintaining

high quality.

Contemporary style rugs are often described as art for your floor, although that term can be applied to numerous styles of rugs. Bright colors and

unusual shapes are common characteristics of contemporary style rugs.

Transitional Rugs cover a broad range of designs that fall in between the traditional

Oriental and Persian rug styles and the contemporary rug category, where

“anything goes” is often an understatement.

Flokati area rugs are soft and very durable. These hand-woven rugs have been made in

Greece for centuries. They were an essential item for early Greek

shepherds, who used the woven wool creations for clothing and bedding as

well as a floor covering. In recent years, Flokati rugs have been used

in casual and contemporary settings, or to provide a Mediterranean


Braided area rugs are one of the most popular styles of rugs. They fit in well in homes

decorated in the Arts and Crafts style or where a country look is

desired. Braided rugs were originally made to fulfill a need and later

developed into an art. The handcrafting of braided rugs started in the

early 1700's in the New England region of America and spread westward

with the settlers, who made good use of braided rugs to cover the rough

floors of their frontier cabins.

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