How to make $100K+ per year on LinkedIn or find your next job without applying

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Macey Media held an informative webinar on How to make 6-figures per year on LinkedIn or find your next job without applying. For a limited time, solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, job seekers and others can view the webinar for free at

LinkedIn is growing as one of the top business social media platforms in the world. It boasted almost 700 million users in 2021. It’s a place where decision-makers spend their time-consuming content.

The truth is, LinkedIn is a business-to-business gold mine! And people should be developing their own personal brands on the platform.

Bobby Macey, the founder of Macey Media, a Utah-based video production and content company, pulled back the curtain to share his personal relationship with LinkedIn.

Macey has been actively posting on LinkedIn for years. He shares his insights and what he knows on the platform through posts. He posts content that he can speak to on a very personal level.

His content resonates with some, and others don’t like it.

But here are the undeniable facts.

1) Macey says that LinkedIn is responsible for many, many new friendships every year. He’s taken so many of those relationships outside of LinkedIn and hangs out in person too. Some of his great friends came from LinkedIn.

2) Macey also has helped hundreds of people find jobs using the platform. In fact, he didn’t apply for his last four jobs before becoming an entrepreneur full time. Because of LinkedIn, he was recruited each time. Now he shares his strategies with others to help them level up their careers.

3) Macey says his business brings in $100K+ per year from his personal LinkedIn efforts and has each year since he started it.

4) Lastly, Macey says he spends way less time than people may think on LinkedIn. The key is knowing what to do and how to get the most of the platform to make a personal impact on others.

In the past, Macey has had people request a webinar explaining how he accomplishes these things using the platform. Well, He decided to do it, and lucky for anyone reading this, he recorded it.

Those interested in a free webinar on how to level up their own LinkedIn efforts will love this.

The best part? There’s no catch.

He’s sharing this knowledge to become a thought-leader, not to sell anything right now.

Those interested can watch the replay of the webinar on YouTube at

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