How to Get Rid of, Prevent, And Kill Bed Bugs

Bed bud infestations are increasing at a rapid rate, don't become a statistic.


A bed bug is a small parasitic creature that feeds on warm blood. The vermin dwell inside mattresses and other fabric type furnishings, and come out at night. They will crawl out from the inside of the mattress and go directly to a warm body or climb walls and furniture until they find body heat.

Bed bug bites are painless and are frequintly blamed on mosquitoes or fleas. This wrongly identified cause can give the bed bugs extra time for their eggs to hatch, creating a total infestation in a home.

There are some basic facts about the aggressive little bed bug that can help people understand better how to rid themselves of an infestation of the creatures. The following list includes some interesting points to consider.

- Warm Blood Feeding Parasites- They are attracted to body heat to find warm blood for feeding.

- Nocturnal (Feed at Night) – They are night creatures who nest inside fabric during the day.

- Dwell in Beds, Sofas, Cribs & Furniture- Millions of bed bugs can nest inside a single piece of furniture.

- Cause Itching & Discomfort- Bites from the bed bug can cause extremely uncomfortable itching and allergic reactions.

- Most are non-visible to the human eye- They are typically too small to be seen unless the infestation has been unchecked for a long enough period of time to allow them to mature.

- Can live for months without feeding- They can survive inside furniture for several months without feeding, and can remain alive during storage.

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