How To Get a Patent Without Spending $Thousands on Attorney Fees

Because the cost of using an attorney in the USA to apply for a patent can range from $4,000-$16,000, inventors have always had an affordability issue. With the "How To Get a Provisional US Patent " video course, the cost has dramatically plummeted to $97.

When inventors finally perfect their invention, often after years of blood, sweat and tears, it is only natural they want to protect it as thoroughly and comprehensively as possible, so that others cannot exploit and benefit from all their hard work and creativity. Typically therefore, inventors need to apply for a (provional) patent, which confers the status of “patent pending” in the USA.

However, the cost of getting to the patent pending stage can be prohibitive, and therein lies the most critical challenge for most private and startup company inventors: Depending on the complexity of the invention, hiring a patent attorney to write a provisional patent application can cost anywhere from $4,000 – 16,000 depending on the complexity of the invention.

How To Get A Patent on a tight budget is therefore one of the most critical challenges inventors in the USA face, but now with the release of a new video course, called “How to Get a Provisional Patent”, American inventors have a viable and straight forward way of skillfully applying for a provisional (utility) patent themselves using the USPTO’s (United States Patent and Trademark Office’s) online system, and in so doing dramatically reducing their costs by simply paying the $130 filing fee. In other words, the video course can reduce the cost of how to get a patent by up to 95%!

The video course guides inventors needing to obtain that all important patent pending status in the USA, but who could not otherwise afford a patent attorney, through the otherwise less than straight forward process using a series of step-by-step video clips that break down the application and its forms into simple byte size chunks.

The course includes clear guidance on how to handle and annotate patent drawings and specifications, as well as explaining how to structure the critically important hierarchy of patent claims. The course currently costs $97. It not only saves inventors literally thousands of dollars, it educates them into the finer points of what patent examiners look for, so that their application stands the very best chance of success.

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