How To Choose Surveyors in Scarborough

Precision Surveyors Scarborough has released 3 facts about choosing a surveyor in Scarborough. Further information can be found at

Precision Surveyors Scarborough has today made public 3 important facts about choosing a Surveyor in Scarborough, which homeowners and landlords should find particularly interesting.

The 3 facts include nuggets such as:

Efficiency. Perhaps you are on a tight deadline? Pick a surveyor who specializes in a quick and efficient turnaround. This will also depend on availability. If you are not in a rush, you don’t have to pick this service, but efficiency has always proved to be helpful. Most surveyors will be able to tell you what their availability is, and how long it takes them to write up the report before you book them.

Contact. Pick a Chartered Surveyor in Scarborough who is happy to be in contact with you, whether that is explaining which survey you need, answering your questions before you book, or calling you to go through the report after you’ve received it, to make sure you understand.

Local knowledge. If possible, make sure the surveyor has a good knowledge North Yorkshire and the various flats and houses within it. Similarly, if you’re buying a very particular type of property, such as a listed building or a very unusual construction, it pays to source a surveyor that specializes in such properties. Convey to the surveyor about the type of property you are interested to buy and ask what experience they have had and what common problems they might expect to find.

The idea for creating Precision Scarborough Surveyors came about after property owners started to extend their property without having a survey done and also of new home buyers buying property without the expertise of a surveyor. Extensions are a great way to raise a property’s value, but property owners should be careful not to overdevelop or fall foul of local planning rules.

This service targeting Scarborough had been in development for about 6 months after there were several complaints from property owners extending their properties across boundary lines onto their neighbor properties.

Precision Surveyors Scarborough did something different compared to other businesses in the Surveying space, by having a team of surveyors that are certified, with several years of experience in handling the various types of building structures in England..

Precision Surveyors Scarborough got it’s start when Founder Ray noticed a growing need for certified and trusted building surveyors that exceeded customers expectations.. With 5 years prior experience in the Surveying world, Ray decided to go ahead and start in 2013.

Ray is quoted saying: “We like to do things to connect with our customers. Things like making courtesy calls to see what more we can do for them, and releasing these little factoids even after Precision Scarborough Surveyors hits the market are what makes all the difference.”

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