How to Boost Your Immune System, Best Anti Inflammatory Diet [Backed by Science]

Academy of Learning© launched their new course, How to Boost The Immune System During Covid-19. Free Preview

Academy of Learning©, Unprecedented New Course, “How To Boost Your Immune System During Coronavirus: Best Foods, Actionable Tips, Immune System Boosters, and Impactful Thoughts Backed By Scientific Facts,” is arguably the first complete video training course, covering topics such as, “Anti Inflammatory Diet, Anti Inflammatory Foods, Vitamin D Deficiency, Vitamin D Foods, Immune System Booster Foods, Antioxidants, and Much More to Help Protect The Immune System From Harmful Viruses.”

This new online course is dedicated to helping SMB, Small Medium Business looking to invest in their #1 asset, “human resources,” providing a complete “Immunology Education” to increase the awareness and importance of a healthy immune system. This course is also invaluable for Elderly and those looking for Coronavirus cure. While we cannot claim anything is a cure, we can take steps toward boosting the immune system to protect against the Coronavirus, COVID-19 virus.

The Novel Coronavirus has already killed hundreds of thousands around the world while people still ignore social distancing rules and proper hygiene as protective methods to help flatten the curve. Three options are available, Manos Filippou, author, and creator of the new online course for companies and individuals, “How to Boost Your Immune System During Covid-19 [Backed by Science]”, says:

1) Find the cure. Fast!

2) Stay at home forever, or falsely count on herd immunity.

3) Do the obvious. Boost your immune system by following simple, yet effective strategies recommended by credible institutions.

Can Cocaine Cure Coronavirus/Covid-19? The Medical Community Needs to Think Outside the Box

A 2003 study found that a protein called IL-6, responded less robustly to an immunological challenge in male and female abusers injected with cocaine, impairing the body’s defense system for at least 4 hours. This is important because IL-6 cause “cytokine storms” in patients with Covid-19, and there have been efforts to suppress it. Would a 2003 study about cocaine provide the answers we are looking for? “Probably not. Illegal drugs are extremely dangerous and should be avoided”, Mr. Filippou says, “but something else might”. He believes that while it is important to fight Covid-19 in the lab, it is as important to revisit older studies, old medical textbooks, think outside the box, and re-examine facts without prejudice.

Staying at Home Forever, or Falsely Counting on Herd Immunity Will NOT Save Lives.

While a lockdown at the moment is necessary in some parts of the world, staying at home forever is not practical in the long run. The economy eventually needs to reopen, to finally take our “stolen by the virus” lives back. Staying at home has also triggered other problems including anxiety, depression, abuse, and an increased divorce rate. Loneliness and social isolation are silent killers. On the other hand, herd immunity, which happens when most of the population is immune to an infectious disease, takes time and based on United Kingdom’s example at the beginning of the pandemic, it has proven to be a failed strategy.

Why Having a Strong Immune System Should be The Top Priority in the Coronavirus/Covid-19 Era

While boosting the immune system does not negate getting Coronavirus/Covid-19 or other respiratory illnesses, a strong immune system may make the difference between being sick for a few days verses a few weeks. “In the end, it is all about survival!” Mr. Filippou says.

In his new course “How to Boost Your Immune System During Covid-19 [Backed by Science]”, Mr. Filippou’s unprecedented course to boost the immune system includes: immune system booster foods and benefits, anti inflammatory diet and foods, gut health, antioxidants, lifestyle choices, and important immune system strategies which many might have NEVER considered, such as:

• There are everyday products which may add toxins to the body and may compromise the immune system

• Vitamin D deficiency is a global health problem, with 1 billion people having low vitamin D levels, however vitamin D may play a big role in the fight against Coronavirus

• Alcohol and other substance abuse which weakens the immune system

“How to Boost Your Immune System During Covid-19 [Backed by Science]” is supported with over 888 resources from credible health organizations and institutions and has 11 hours of video lectures. The course includes a FREE preview, and Mr. Filippou is available for media inquiries. Register for the course and learn how to boost the immune system – a great resource to protect the body from viruses.

When asked for more information about Filippou’s new course, the reason behind creating, “How to Boost Your Immune System During Covid-19 [Backed by Science],” and what Academy of Learning© hope to accomplish, Manos Filippou, Founder, said: “A company’s main asset is their employees and currently billions of dollars per year are lost in corporate America due to sick leave and the number of COVID-19 cases will probably rise as companies resume work. My objective it to create a complete Immunity Boosting course to educate people on how they can make a difference in making the world a healthier place by first taking care of themselves and their loved ones.”

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