How One Travel Company Getaroom is Rebounding in the Travel Market during Covid

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While the global pandemic has undeniably changed the face of travel, Getaroom is not going anywhere. As Litman put it himself, “We plan on being a vital part of the travel industry for years to come!” Reserve a hotel room today get a deal

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused immeasurable devastation to the global economy. But perhaps no industry has been as severely impacted as the travel industry. Airlines are grounded, cruise companies are at a standstill, hotels are struggling to fill rooms, and travel advisers are out of work. Chief Executive Arne Sorenson of Marriott International Inc. referred to the third quarter of 2020 as “the worst quarter we have ever seen by far.”

Similarly, Getaroom, a travel-tech hotel room distributor and online travel agent, has been impacted as well. Throughout April and May, the world was at a halt, the pandemic was at its worst, and with “great sadness and regret,” the company needed to lay off and furlough many hardworking employees. Those lucky enough to maintain their positions endured pay cuts. Other big names in the travel industry made the same difficult decision. Booking Holdings, another world leader in providing online travel, laid off 25% of its global workforce because of the downturn in travel demand caused by Covid-19.

However, over the course of the Summer and Fall, tourism has seen a rebound. As 2020 comes to an end, Getaroom sees the rebound continuing as hopeful travelers continue to book leisure travel as they look ahead at the upcoming year with optimism and a resounding hope to get back out there. In the middle of all the chaos, despite the turbulence, experts see blue skies ahead for the industry and our voracious appetite to travel. David Litman, CEO of Getaroom, says that not only will we travel again, but we’ll also do it even better. “This pause has given the world time to consider how we can travel more consciously,” he says.

We all are discovering new and creative methods for staying safe while traveling. From a renewed commitment to sustainable tourism to innovative ways to globetrot with little contact with other people, bucket lists have changed, and the travel industry has too. Travelers have gone from exploring big cities to the great outdoors. Yesterday it was New York City, Paris, and Rome, while today it is Austin, Breckenridge, and Lake Tahoe. Vacationers have traded crowded concerts for peaceful mountains. Forget the tallest building in the world, people are ready to see open spaces and breathe fresh air for the first time in months.

Adjusting to the ‘new normal,’ Getaroom committed to restoring the strength of the hospitality industry by focusing on driving sales for their hotel partners. You can book a hotel room with huge discounts on in minutes. By the end of the summer, as travel volumes were back to near 2019 levels- the company was able to bring back furloughed employees and return salaries to pre-crisis levels. Even more unique for the industry, its founders decided in the Fall that the company was strong enough financially to pay its employees the back wages that they had sacrificed during the previous months.

The company continues to grow through this uncharacteristically difficult time and has positioned itself for a safe new year. With a Covid-19 vaccine on the horizon and even more anxious travelers ready to hit the road again, Litman believes that “the success of the company will continue to come from the success of our partners in serving consumers with their travel needs.” The Getaroom team is busy at work investing in the systems, technology, and great minds needed to continue to deliver on their promise – and great travel value.

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