How One Simple Change Brought a Music Training Startup to it’s Knees

Demand for a newly rebranded music training course has been so intense, the course's creators have been forced to upgrade their hosting service or risk crashing their site -

When musician and educator Scott Edwards decided to rename one of his courses on ear training, he was not expecting it to bring down his website. Demand was so intense in the first few days after the release of ‘Hear. Sing. Win.’  that Scott had to frantically contact his web host to get a more powerful server for his website – or else risk turning away those interested in his unique methods of ear training.

“Our courses have always received good reviews, but when I decided to rename one of our most popular products I wasn’t expecting such a huge response!” says Scott.

The approach that Scott takes to ear training is unique. He’s broken the entire process down into individual steps, put them in order, and designed his own exercises that focus on each step. “A lot of musicians start with ear training by trying a few random exercises” says Scott “which never really gets them anywhere. That’s like learning to play one scale then expecting to play Beethoven’s 5th Symphony. When you break the whole process up into steps it’s simple and easy to make fast, consistent progress.”

When asked about the name-change that prompted all this attention, “we originally called the course 20/20 Musical Hearing, but I had to keep explaining it to people ‘you know, like 20/20 vision?’” he says with a laugh. “It helps you hear each note in music, which makes training your ears so much easier. But the basic process is you hear a part of a song and you sing it back to lock it in. After only a few weeks you really start to feel like a winner whenever you play. So I thought, why fight it?”.

Going with the flow has certainly worked for Scott Edwards and his team. When asked what was next, Scott says, “I’m proud to say we’ve helped thousands of people improve their ears, and their playing, and we aren’t stopping now. This is just the latest step in a big adventure we have planned.”

Company Bio:

Scott started Ear Training HQ with the help of marketing strategists and close friends Gavin Abeyratne and Jake Corcoran in Melbourne, Australia in 2010. His company has gone from strength to strength, helping thousands of musicians improve their ears and their playing. Free resources are available for musicians interested in training their ears at:

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