How One Company Helps Menopausal Women Reverse the Effects of Aging: DHEA Clinic

DHEA Clinic releases unbiased write up and review of DHEA cream, helping menopausal women find balance in hormones, energy, vaginal dryness and other age-related symptoms.

Supplements website DHEA Clinic recently published their in depth review of DHEA Creams with a focus on helping menopausal women seeking balance in hormones, vaginal dryness, libido, energy and a host of other age-related metabolic function deficits. The aim of DHEA Clinic is to provide the most relevant and useful information to menopausal women seeking natural and effective alternatives to pills, so they may buy with confidence.

While it may seem unusual to some, DHEA Clinic chooses to focus on helping women over 40, and those who are postmenopausal to discover that it’s now possible to reverse some of the symptoms of aging. DHEA is the precursor to estrogen. As women age (and men), levels of DHEA drop, which means lower libido and energy. Replacing the DHEA with a bioidentical supplement can reverse this aging process, bringing improved immune function and overall health, more energy, bone density, improved appearance of skin as well as an elevated mood while helping to reverse thinning vaginal walls. More specifically, because the founders of the DHEA clinic underwent blood testing and the doctor recommended a DHEA supplement in pill form. Their research proved that the only about 10% of all supplements that pass through the digestive system actually make it to the blood stream. As a matter of necessity, they developed a cream that is 100% bio-identical and organic, which passes directly through the skin and into the blood stream at a rate of 90% effectiveness, bringing almost immediate results.

More on DHEA Benefits:

“While we really wanted to get this product into the hands of as many women as we can, we’re finding that it is also highly beneficial for men who are over 40, by helping them build and retain muscle mass by increasing DHEA levels, thereby increasing their testosterone,” said Johanna Rose, Co-Founder.

While most other review sites simply list the positive selling points, such as the fact it’s 100% bio-identical and is an “anti-supplement,” being that it does not pass through the digestion track, it will deliver nearly the full dosage of the supplement directly into the bloodstream through the skin making it far more efficient than it’s pill counterparts….

And some sites may go so far as to cover the more critical aspects as well, for example, it’s a little pricey compared to pills of the same dosage, yet far more effective than pills, which is bad because price shoppers can be lured into buying something that is sub-par without getting the full benefits they’re looking for….

… DHEA Clinic endeavors to go one step further in its mission to provide more value to women over 40 and those who are postmenopausal who are discovering that it’s now possible to reverse some of the symptoms of aging. DHEA is the precursor to estrogen. As women age, levels of DHEA drop, which means lower libido and energy and can also contribute to unwanted weight gain. Replacing DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) with a 100% natural supplement can immediately begin to reverse the aging process. One example of such specific advice is found below.

“Works surprisingly well, noticed a big difference in 3 days. I tried a DHEA pill for a month which did nothing for me, this is the way to go!” -Julia Queen (from the website)

DHEA Clinic got its start in November, 2016, co-founded by Johanna Rose. The idea for the website came about when the founders first had an immediate personal need after some aging-related issues, verified by blood tests. They then discovered the ineffective nonsense being sold online and at stores, which has been so misleading to people. They decided “enough is enough” and started the website to give others another alternative in the industry with a 100% bio-identical and trans-dermal “rub-in” supplement.

Ever since, DHEA Clinic has made a point to provide the most value and best information to women over 40 and those who are postmenopausal as well as men over 40 who are noticing the effects of lower testosterone. DHEA is the precursor to estrogen (and testosterone). So far the website encompasses about 50 pages of high quality content and reviews related to anti-aging hormones including DHEA and Progesterone.

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