How Los Angeles Top A/C Company, Service Genius, is Improving their Industry

Service Genius Air Conditioning and Heating is quickly turning the air conditioning service industry on its head and thousands of clients around the Los Angeles area are taking notice. From a new subscription service model to its belief in high quality and high service.

Top Los Angeles air conditioning service company, Service Genius president, William Monk believes that traditional home air conditioning service companies were providing outdated air quality technologies and the service provided was often subpar. These problems showed William that the HVAC industry had much room for improvement and this became his mission.

How to improve an entire industry? One customer at a time. Service Genius proved from the onset of their formation that by providing customers the highest quality of customer service that they can and would begin to change how the consumers view the industry.

“Many consumers believe that HVAC contractors are untrustworthy, unscrupulous and dishonest. Which is why we at Service Genius have made it our mission to always be upfront and transparent in our pricing. Always deliver high-value and quality on each and every visit. Always be honest, which means if we ever make a mistake–we first admit it and then we stand by the correction of that mistake.” These qualities alone have allowed Service Genius to quickly become one of the top five air conditioning companies in the Greater Los Angeles area in the short span of only three years.

Now with thousands of clients, Service Genius happily services properties of all types; from the Hollywood elite and Los Angeles celebrities who depend on Service Genius to manage and maintain the air conditioning equipment in multi-million dollar homes to the typical American family in their 2,000 sq ft ranch home. Service Genius believes that each and every single one of their customers deserve ‘white-glove’ service on every visit.

Now with the Los Angeles sun increasing its temperature each and every day, Service Genius believes that now is more important than ever to give clients more value and better service, especially after COVID-19 has devastated both our local and national economy. As families begin to watch more closely over their spending, it has become more important for Service Genius clients to better maintain their existing equipment. And because of this, Service Genius has improved upon its maintenance subscription program for Los Angeles residents with subscription packages starting at only $14 dollars a month.

During these times of economic uncertainty, we are helping our clients better maintain and extend the life of their existing equipment, saving our clients thousands of dollars each and every year. And if and when a clients’ air conditioning system has sputtered its last breath, these subscribers receive new equipment at reduced and discounted installation costs.

Service Genius Air Conditioning and Heating is proving for their thousands of clients throughout Greater Los Angeles County that the air conditioning and heating industry is not full of crooks and charlatans but a genius who believes that this industry is ripe for improvement!

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