How KyminasiTM Plant Booster Skyrocketed Farming Around the World

It appears the innovative KyminasiTM Plant Booster agricultural technology is producing major improvements around the globe because of the massive acceptance and demand for it by farmers within 2 years by all types of farming operations in many different growing environments.

KyminasiTM Plant Booster, an agricultural technology created by Swiss Researcher Fulvio Balmelli, is becoming well known in farming and between farmers around the globe for being a natural, organic farming-friendly secret for crops to grow to their absolute greatest potential; with multiple cases showing exponential amounts of growth and increased value without the use of any unnatural or harmful farming methods.

Using the innovative science of natural frequencies to supercharge the photosynthesis process, KyminasiTM Plant Booster is making waves in the agricultural industry worldwide. In only 2 years 300 plus farms around the world (and counting) have found first-hand results in their crop quality and production. Countries such as the United States, South Africa, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, Chile, India, Italy, and more have gotten on board with Harvest Harmonics’ innovative technology and the high satisfaction of farmers are driving up sales at a lightening rate.

Farming operations in many countries have found that the KyminasiTM Plant Booster has increased their crop production levels, brix levels (increased taste), and pest resistance, all naturally and without the use of any preservatives or chemicals. Farmers and Growers are loving the organic-friendly alternative to solving some of their biggest woes, and are raving about the increased rate of return on their products.

One citrus farmer in California noted, “I installed the KyminasiTM Plant Booster on my 1 year old orange trees. After 6 weeks, my trees had grown larger than my neighbor’s 2 year old trees! The leaves were larger and greener as well, indicating healthier trees.” Another farmer in Chile stated, “We used the KyminasiTM Plant Booster on our grapes. After 44 days, we saw 1640 kg more grapes! And got 23% higher prices than our standard grapes due to higher quality.”

A great amount of farms around the world have been improving their crop production without changing their farming methods, just by using the external placement of KyminasiTM Technology. The company, Harvest Harmonics, is dedicated to spreading more awareness about how farmers can easily make improvements on some of their greatest problems (or improve factors they hadn’t even known could be improved) with weekly Facebook Live sessions and free consultations. Visit their website at or their Facebook Harvest Harmonics Official page for more information.

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