How Industry Disruptors Are Used To Leverage The Power Of The Internet

Industry Disruption is the best method for an entrepreneur to use for leveraging the power of the internet to build or scale up a business.

Today, traditional marketing methods seem to be falling by the wayside as more and more businesses and entrepreneurs are learning how to leverage the growing power of the internet and digital marketing.

Why is this the case?

With traditional marketing methods the costs are increasingly rising. With direct mail alone, 1,000 single page inserts could cost as much as $40-$50 and the response rate is getting worse by the day.

Where as, with digital marketing the cost can be extremely low with a very high ROI (Return Of Investment). Plus,the most effective because one can target their audience by providing valuable content that educates and informs them while attracting them to a website, blog, product or service.

But let’s ask the question and see if anyone can relate.

Which one do most people use now heading into 2017? The Yellow Pages or The Internet when looking for a good or a service?

Leveraging the power of the internet can help a small business compete with well known brands, stand out from the crowd and, attract highly qualified prospects.

So, what is an Industry disruptor and how can it be used to leverage the power of the internet?

Think of industry disruptors this way…

The ultimate solution that turns the marketplace up on it’s head.

And actually, that’s exactly what an industry disruptor does.

Think of companies like Uber that has become the alternative for taxi cabs, AirBNB – a company that has the Hotel Industry scrambling for innovative ways to compete, or Purple – who has successfully created a direct-to-customer e-commerce platform for mattresses. Then there’s also Netflix and Tesla.

All of these companies have made huge impacts in their given niche and the marketplace overall.

How were they able to make the achievements they have?

They learn to spot a problem, annoyance, frustration or confusion, and they seek out to solve it.

This is done by first having the passion to solve the given problem and by focusing on the social aspects of consumerism – meaning, caring about the needs, wants and desires of the consumer.

Unlike businesses who simply focus on the bottom line.

By using the technology of the internet an industry disruptor can cut cost and gain massive amounts of leverage while providing a better customer experience than any of their competitors.

Companies such as Apple, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft and even Facebook are hard to compete with because they have created their own Ecosystems.

All of them dominated their niche market by becoming industry disruptors.

Apple dominates in software, hardware and services. Amazon dominates E-Commerce. Google dominates online search and advertising. And, Facebook now dominates social media and the login market. Yes, there is a market for logins.

And, one can wonder if people like Grant Cardone and his message of dominating the market can be thanked for the growing numbers of network marketing, direct sales, and affiliate marketing companies for following suite.

Now, smart direct sales, network marketing and affiliate marketing companies are using the concept of industry disruption along with the “franchise model” to scale up their business and provide proven methods to their associates and distributors so they can have the exact same results.

Today, everything from tools and training are provided to show small businesses, entrepreneurs and even every day people how to use the concept of industry disruption and the power of the internet for leverage, to scale up their business and to increase profits.

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