How A Dust-Free Home From1800CLEANER Can Enhance Your Mood

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The founder of 1800CLEANER in an exclusive interview with Eleven Media has confirmed the strong and growing demand for a dust free home environment.

Recent research has shown that dust free homes do not only contribute to a better living environment but significantly improve health conditions and even your state of mind.

Mr Michael Sweet, founder of Sydney based 1800CLEANER said this when interviewed by Eleven Media on the strong lift in demand for his company’s home cleaning services, “I have no doubt that the rising awareness of home owners to the significant health benefits gained by a dust free home has accounted for the dramatic increase in enquires for our services”. Our ‘21 Point Spring Clean’ is particularly popular as it is a thorough house clean where we go to great lengths to remove the built up and hidden dust that rarely gets removed, removing particles as small as 30 microns.”

Eleven Media’s research on dust found that about 20 million Americans are allergic to dust mites. These people often feel as if they have an endless cold or even asthma. Symptoms include red, itchy and watery eyes through to an itchy, runny, stuffy nose and sneezing.

Eleven Media also found in a recent WebMD article that a study showed an association between seasonal allergies and clinical depression. While researchers can’t say that allergies actually cause people to feel depressed, it does appear that allergy sufferers are more vulnerable to depression.

There is conclusive proof that the removal of dust using the 1800CLEANER methods will assist in the practical eradication of dust mites from your home environment and in doing so will substantially contribute to reducing the incidence of allergies and will increase ones feeling of mental wellbeing.

Additionally, the health benefits of negative ions as exclusively introduced into this unique cleaning system by 1800CLEANER are becoming increasingly well known for enhancing the mood of the human inhabitants of the home environment.

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About 1800CLEANER

1800CLEANER provides a range of home cleaning services based in Sydney. They are a family owned and operated company with over 30 years’ experience in professional and precise cleaning with a guarantee for quality, hygiene and consistency.

Their scientific approach and intelligent cleaning methods, combined with state of the art equipment and a diligent hard working team of local professionals, deliver an outstanding dust-free indoors environment.

They pride themselves on the virtues of honesty, integrity, intelligence, communication and good old fashioned hard work.

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