Houston TX Survival Kits – Disaster/Emergency Bug-Out Bag Range Launched

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Survivalist HQ, an online prepping store, updated its range of survival items and 72-hour bug-out bags for customers who would like to be prepared for power outages, natural disasters, or emergency evacuation.

Survivalist HQ, a survival supplies online store based in Dallas, TX, launched an updated range of emergency preparedness products. The range includes bug-out bags, food buckets, emergency lighting, protective gear, multi-tools, and other useful items.

More information is available at https://survivalisthq.com

The newly updated products help people stay safe and healthy during emergency situations, such as floods, fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, riots, and other disasters.

These events can happen unexpectedly and disrupt the infrastructure on which people depend in their daily life, including access to clean water, food, and electricity. Having extra supplies and essential survival items at home or in the car can save precious time during evacuation in case a disaster strikes.

The bug-out bags offered by Survivalist HQ include the necessary items for 3 days for families of up to ten people that will help them deal with power outages, food shortages, and medical emergencies. The bags contain water pouches and water purification tablets, calorie food bars, hygiene kits, a first aid kit, blankets and body warmers, a tube tent, flashlights, waterproof matches, and various tools.

The company also offers the Family Road Kit, a wheeled duffel bag filled with essential survival items that can be conveniently kept in the trunk of a car.

Survivalist HQ’s kits were designed based on the advice of emergency preparedness experts and guidelines offered by government agencies and nonprofit preparedness organizations. Customers can also purchase all items separately to build their own survival kits based on their needs.

The emergency food supply buckets and kits featured on the website include freeze-dried fruits, energy bars, and XMRE Blue Line Meals, which are also perfect for camping and boating.

Survivalist HQ is an authorized ROTHCO Dealer, and customers can purchase pocket knives, flashlights, survival multi-tools, clothing, protective goggles, sunglasses, and other accessories from this leading manufacturer on their website.

The company also offers duty gear, shooting supplies, camping gear, clothing, watches, and more.

A company representative said: “Darwin’s Theory of Evolution concludes that survival is reserved for the fittest. Survivalist HQ is here to close the gap for those of us that don’t fall into that category.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://survivalisthq.com

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