Houston TX Social Media Digital Marketing & Advertising Program Announced

Informargin has partnered with GotU to create and manage an international presence & increased capacity. The alliance combines the power of technology & exposure to get great advertising results.

Informargin Digital has announced that it is now a certified partner of GotU, giving the Houston, Texas team an international presence and increased capacity to deliver a 360° performance oriented approach to digital marketing. Informargin can now offer clients highly targeted and extremely efficient advertising planning.

More information can be found at: https://informargin.com

Previously, advertisers would expect to spend a lot of money over extended periods of time to know whether or not an advertising campaign will work. Now, with this new partnership, clients will no longer have to guess or long wait to prove the effectiveness of a campaign.

Informargin explains that the company’s program has expanded beyond Facebook to now include all social media platforms in one single integration. This streamlines the marketing process for clients and ensures they get the best results.

Typically, sellers of advertising haven’t been required to create immediately verifiable results for clients. Their market maintained that “advertising works”, and appropriate exposure would inevitably produce results given enough time and patience.

This approach often requires significant outlays of cash without offering clearly predictable returns. This risk has prevented millions of companies from advertising and receiving the significant revenue benefits advertising provides.

Now Informargin’s pay for results business approach combines with the GotU partnership to reduce the risk of uncertainty for these companies.

Combining the power of technology with the power of exposure, makes it possible to verify, validate, and more quickly predict the results of an advertising expense. The beneficial result is that these kinds of advertising expenses will be viewed more as an investment.

GotU spun from 77Agency, an independent international digital agency of contemporary marketing services. It is an international team with a global reach. Based in Milan, GotU also offices in Los Angeles, and London.

Informargin is known for its high quality service in helping clients to increase exposure by 200-500%. The team is made up of marketing experts who enable clients to get attention and stand out from their competition.

The company states: “Our platform can now map points of sale and integrate user profiles throughout social networks so that we provide hyper-targeted and highly efficient advertising planning for our clients. ”

Full details of the services provided can be found on the URL above.

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