Houston TX Private Soccer Training Lab – VR Assessment/TOCA Tools Launched

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JC Sports, a Houston-based indoor sports center focused on developing young athletes, has released new training programs utilizing the latest technological tools for professional soccer players.

Their new unique curriculum integrates virtual reality (VR) assessments and other tech-enabled, interactive training methods. The center uses an innovative training approach that focuses on finding opportunities for performance improvement and then works with their athletes to build a customized plan. They are the only center in Texas using this forward-thinking, tech-enabled approach.

More details are available at http://jcsoccerlab.com

The announcement of the new technologies available at the soccer lab is intended to provide cutting-edge training for established and fledgling professional soccer players. The lab accommodates both domestic and international players, from age 7 up to high school, college, and more advanced levels.

These new technologies include Rezzil’s VR soccer assessment and tools by TOCA Football, Elite Skills Arena (ESA), and SmartGoals. The VR assessment is used to find technical and cognitive opportunities for improvement, while the 3 other tools provide skills correction and improvement.

The soccer lab’s tools use expertly designed virtual drills, game-like simulations, LED lights, and vibration technology to improve players’ cognition, speed and quality of decision making, awareness, reaction, agility, and general resilience. SmartGoals, for example, are interactive targets and light signals that set targets in real-time as players run, dribble, and shoot balls, thus mimicking dynamic game situations.

For more information, please visit www.jcsports.org

The Rezzil VR assessment tool is only available at JC Sports in Houston and has been used by the Liverpool, Manchester United, and Manchester City professional teams. ESA’s tools have been used by top-rated players like Lionel Messi, formerly of FC Barcelona, and Cristiano Ronaldo of Manchester United.

JC Sports’ soccer lab has trained several top players on national teams, including Canada’s Nichelle Prince, the USA’s Jane Campbell and Kristy Lewis, and Mexico’s Kimberly Rodriguez. The center also caters to children aged 2 and older. Their youth sports programs can help them build motor skills, self-confidence, and sports technique while having fun with interactive games and drills. These programs also help establish lifelong fitness habits and provide opportunities for families to spend quality time together.

A spokesperson has said: “Our soccer lab offers the latest technology to track and improve your skill development. We pride ourselves on our soccer technology, curriculum, and tools to make you the best player out there.”

Interested parties can learn more at http://jcsportshouston.com/private-soccer-sessions

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