Houston TX Diabetes Stem Cell Treatment – Regenerative Medicine Therapy Launch

Houston, TX - Trinity Stem Cells (+1-956-267-1586) announces that it has updated its stem cell treatment for diabetes to include the latest research in regenerative medicine. Over the course of several treatments, patients experience a noticeable improvement in their glucose levels.

The goal of the newly strengthened service is to offer a safe and effective alternative solution for diabetes management. Trinity Stem Cells explains that the most common perception about diabetes is that it is a life-long condition, one that can only be managed but never successfully treated. It defies this notion with its state-of-the-art stem cell treatments.

More details can be found at https://trinitystemcells.com/therapies/stem-cell-therapy-for-diabetes

The updated treatments protect and prevent cells from dying, consequently reducing inflammation and regulating blood sugar levels. Through consistent therapy, patients notice a significant decrease in fasting blood sugars and levels of Hemoglobin A1C. Further, stem cell treatments have been observed to have a compounding effect of improving kidney function by also decreasing creatine levels.

Diabetes, which has two types, is the ninth leading cause of death worldwide. According to numerous studies, the disease is the major cause of heart attack and amputation, with abnormal sugar levels contributing to a weaker immune system. Traditional medical models describe the condition as a chronic one and suggest that there is no cure.

Nevertheless, emerging data proves that stem cell treatments offer therapeutic benefits for diabetes. Several medical studies show that regenerative medicine, in the form of next-generation stem cell therapy, can positively influence resting blood sugar levels and decrease inflammatory markers.

Trinity Stem Cells specializes in innovative treatments for various chronic conditions. Located in Monterrey, its team of bilingual medical doctors offers safe therapy programs using cutting-edge technology. Patients do not need to worry about travel as the clinic offers a shuttle service that transports them directly from the international airport to the AVE Medical Center and hospital where its clinic is located.

It is expanding its service to residents in Houston, Corpus Christie, and San Antonio, TX.

A grateful client wrote, “Three days after my stem cell treatment at Trinity, and my glucose readings are the lowest since being diagnosed with diabetes ten years ago. I’m certain that these treatments will add years, and most importantly, quality, to my life.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://trinitystemcells.com/trinity-locations/monterrey

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