Houston TX Career Coach Institute – Certified Job Advisor/Mentor Program Updated

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Houston, TX - Career Coach Institute (503-308-8179) celebrates its 20th anniversary with the introduction of its newly strengthened packages for aspiring coaches. The group has helped thousands of graduates find financial freedom while teaching them to become certified career coaches.

Renewing its commitment to building a stronger professional community, Career Coach Institute announces that all of its modules have been updated. The group helps aspiring leaders pursue their passions, become career coaches, and potentially earn a five-figure salary per year.

More details can be found at http://www.careercoachinstitute.com

The strengthened training courses solidify the company’s position as the leading online career coaching school in the country. To date, it has graduated thousands of students, all of whom now earn around $60,000 annually, helping other people achieve their professional goals.

The 12-week intensive course is meant for anyone looking to become a career coach. In fact, the school says that its mentorship program can help professionals in their 30s with no previous experience to become certified coaches in three months.

The exclusively online course means that anyone can access the training. Career Coach Institute reminds students that while a majority of career coaches are located in New York and Chicago, they are most in-demand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Regardless, starting a career as a coach anywhere in the country can be a profitable endeavor, especially for stay-at-home moms. According to the latest statistics, career coaches are paid an annual salary of $45,010, with Oakland paying an annual average wage of $58,083. Most career coaches have an average starting salary of $33,000.

Becoming a career coach is likewise a women-friendly option. Career Coach Institute says that more than half of career coaches are women and that 98% of them earn just as much or more than their male counterparts.

The company ushers its 20th year by announcing stronger modules for career coaching. The intensive one-on-one webinar mentoring can be taken by anyone, regardless of professional experience or academic background.

The training sessions are self-paced and accommodate each student’s learning style. After completion, students will receive a career coach certification and can begin immediately.

Career coaches are considered to be an essential part of leadership executive trainings. They are engaged by many companies to teach management how to develop high-performance teams.

Interested parties who want to join a free webinar can visit http://www.careercoachinstitute.com m/free-intro

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