Houston TX Breast Augmentation Surgery Type Size Profile Consultation Announced

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MyBodyMD in Houston, TX announced breast augmentation surgery featuring a personalized consultation that provides answers to questions about type, size and profile asked most often by patients.

MyBodyMD Plastic Surgery, a Houston, Texas-based practice led by board-certified Dr. Rafi Bidros, announced its breast augmentation surgery with a personalized consultation service. In response to the most common questions asked by patients, the company provides a detailed private consultation that answers the most frequently asked questions regarding breast implant type, size and profile.

For more details, please visit https://mybodymd.com/blog/breast-augmentation-breast-implant-type-size-and-profile

Breast augmentation surgery performed by Dr. Bidros is based on a highly personalized consultation that aims to provide a customized surgical plan and to ensure patients have access to all of the latest information and options available to them prior to the procedure.

Women choose breast augmentation for a variety of reasons including adding volume to small breasts, correcting asymmetrical breasts and reshaping breasts after pregnancy. Breast augmentation is the most common plastic surgery procedure in the US.

MyBodyMD led by Dr. Bidros consults closely with patients to determine the appropriate size, implant type and incision options to ensure a positive outcome based on each individual’s specific aesthetic goals.

Breast augmentation involves inserting an implant or fat to replace volume. During the course of a consultation with Dr. Bidros, patients are introduced to three implant types: saline, silicone and fat transfer. Each option offers various shapes, firmness, and uniformity that are matched to each person’s unique requirements.

Implant size is determined during the consultation by allowing patients to try on implants using the MENTOR Volume Sizing System. Available sizes range from 150cc to 775cc, providing multiple options for both patient and doctor to determine the best fit based on body type, skin elasticity and current breast anatomy.

Dr. Bidros also works with patients to determine the distance the breasts will project from the chest wall, also known as an implant profile. There are six options ranging from Moderate Classic to High Profile Xtra, with the projection increasing from relatively flat to the fullest possible profile.

With its thorough and personalized consultations prior to breast augmentation surgery, MyBodyMD continues its mission to educate patients on all aspects of the procedure, make recommendations customized to their specific needs, and perform safe and effective procedures using the latest technology.

“Breast augmentation surgery helps many women achieve a more pleasing size and shape for their breasts,” said a MyBodyMD spokesperson. “Our private consultations allow us to evaluate each person’s individual goal and provide them with a realistic plan to achieve it.”

Additional information on the practice’s breast augmentation surgery is available at the above-mentioned website.

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