Houston Plastic Surgeon Marketing Launch New HIPAA Compliant Patient Targeting

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Informargin Digital has launched Time-Lapse technology-enabled marketing for plastic surgery practices, enabling them to connect with new patients who are actively looking for cosmetic treatments in Houston.

The new Time Lapse technology uses a combination of anonymous real-time activity data and digital targeting and retargeting to deliver highly focused marketing campaigns to patients who are looking for plastic surgery or cosmetic treatments in and around Houston. Informargin Digital has adapted the technology to the needs of small and medium practices.

To learn more, visit https://timelapse.informargin.com/plastic-surgeon-houston-1

The new marketing program uses hyper-focused targeting and retargeting as the basis for its marketing campaigns. For doctors, this means significantly enhanced results with significantly reduced activity and cost. The platform delivers information to prospective patients, which equips them to make better decisions when seeking elective surgery options.

Time Lapse differs significantly from typical marketing approaches in that it can identify patients with needs without requesting information from them. This is a breakthrough for physician marketers who are prohibited from seeking and receiving Protected Health Information (PHI) from prospective patients outside of clearly defined HIPAA firewalls. Since no PHI is involved in the communication between doctors and patients, Time Lapse technology is a completely HIPAA compliant marketing tool.

Informargin Digital is releasing this technology to small and medium-sized plastic surgery clinics for the first time, with a limited program for 2022 that will offer exclusive access to selected medical specialist practices within the Houston area.

When considering options for elective surgery, patients often seek a second opinion or alternative options. Patients who are already actively searching for surgery providers are therefore far more likely to convert to serious inquiries. Time Lapse technology allows doctors to reach these specific patients with their service information instead of launching expensive PPC or blind marketing campaigns which reach a much lower percentage of relevant and actively shopping patients.

The digital marketing delivered will include a mix of banners, images, and videos that are so focused that they will be noticed only by interested people. The materials are also so inobtrusive that they will not be noticed by others. Interested patients will get to know a particular doctor and their approach, receiving reminders if they are distracted or move into a less active phase of their search. It also provides doctors with an insight into which competitors their ideal patients may be visiting and considering, allowing surgeries to more accurately refine their offers to meet patient needs.

Informargin Digital aims to provide technologically advanced digital strategies to non-technological companies. They partner with local businesses to deliver expert marketing and communications campaigns, allowing their clients to focus on their areas of expertise. Their approach uses a combination of reputation management, retargeting, tailored communications, and website management to generate in-market leads with a high conversion rate.

According to the team at Informargin Digital, this will be the first time most cosmetic and plastic surgeons in the United States are offered Time Lapse technology and only a few practices will be accepted into the initial program.

For more information, visit https://timelapse.informargin.com/plastic-surgeon-houston-1

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