Houston Hypnotist & Motivational Speaker Launches Law Of Attraction Tips

Chad Chesmark, keynote speaker and founder of Chad Chesmark Leadership Mentality, based in Texas, released his latest article and motivational bundle. Appealing to those who are seeking to make positive changes to life, Chesmark's package explains how the Law of Attraction works when used correctly.

For those searching for wealth and abundance, then look no further. Chad Chesmark, the founder of Chad Chesmark Leadership Mentality, based in Houston, Texas, has released a new motivational bundle. This package includes Chad’s latest article, his newest eBook ‘Health & Wealth Magnetism’, and his hypnosis MP3 ‘Attract Wealth & Abundance’, all, of which, focus on the Law of Attraction.

More information is available at http://leadershipmindpower.com.

Released in January, Chad’s latest article, ‘The Law of Attraction is NOT a Magic Bullet – But It Is Magical’, dispels the myth that the Law of Attraction is hocus pocus. As Chesmark says, he’s driven crazy by so-called ‘gurus’ trying to turn the law into something that it’s not.

So, moving away from the dogma, Chesmark explains in his article that even as a hard-core skeptic, he knows that the law works. But, only when the subconscious mind is activated and focused on positive achievement.

The latest article by Chesmark, and his motivational bundle define how to harness the power of the Law of Attraction. As a result, these principles can then be used in everyday life to manifest positive change.

Chad Chesmark has spoken on stage since his childhood, firstly as a magician, and later as a motivational speaker. He holds degrees in business and organizational communication, as well as sociology, and public relations. Obsessed with the human mind, Chesmark also gained certification as onstage hypnotists. Why? Well, he wished to master the subconscious mind and help other understand their own, along with their hidden abilities for success. Leadership skills and motivational talks are Chesmark’s foray, whether at a corporate, team or small business level; these evoke change and belief in achievement at any level.

Described is interactive, Chesmark is engaging, and he conveys positive impact. His level of hands-on engagement visually shows an audience how to transform their daily lives, and how to become powerful and efficient leaders. Plus, his sessions are also customized to company themes and are suitable for 10 to 2000 people.

“The reason that the Law of Attraction doesn’t work for most people is that they haven’t mastered it yet. They’re still focusing consciously when they should be focusing subconsciously. They’re still looking at that kerb that they’re trying to avoid,” said Chesmark.

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