Houston HR Training And Development Consulting Outsourcing Solutions Launched

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Houston HR training and development consulting firm announced the launch of its total workforce solutions in Houston. The launch introduced training and development, payroll and benefits, HR audits, and assessments. The company offers its solutions in Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, and Austin.

Houston HR training and development consulting firm Vantage HRO announced the launch of its human resource outsourcing solutions in the city. The firm’s services cover HR audits, hiring, HR assessments, training and development, coaching, and payroll. These services are also available in other major cities in Texas.

More information about Vantage HRO is available at http://vantagehro.com

Large enterprises run large in-house human resources departments that provide a full suite of HR functions. Vantage HRO offers total workforce solutions in Houston to small and mid-sized companies in alignment with their strategic objectives. The company was founded on the premise that the HR needs of smaller companies are identical to those of large enterprises, but at a smaller scale.

Vantage HRO service offerings are tailored to the needs of companies who require essential, yet sophisticated human resource management support. The company offers comprehensive HR audits to identify opportunities for improvements in the practice of HR and is involved in organizational development at multiple levels.

As part of the company’s service offering, leadership and executive-level coaching is combined with organization-wide assessment-driven training and development programs. The programs are designed to help top leadership and employees to align with their company’s mission, vision, and goals on the road to success. Vantage HRO also offers payroll and benefits analysis.

The company serves the Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, Austin, and other business areas in Texas, providing services covering oil and gas, healthcare, accounting, real estate development, and manufacturing sectors.

According to a spokesperson for Vantage HRO, “Our aim is to make world-class practices in human resource management and HR outsourcing solutions available to all businesses, large or small. We aim to be the premier provider of these solutions in Texas, helping companies achieve extraordinary success through sustainable growth and development.”

Founded by Mike Brezina, Vantage HRO commenced operations as the Vantage Performance Group, a coaching and consulting company. Headed by Katie Waller, the company diversified into HR services. Leveraging her considerable experience in organizational development, leadership development, and compensation management, Vantage HRO serves clients in all major Texas cities.

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