Houston Home Staging Firm Shows Sellers How To Win In Upcoming Buyer’s Market

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As the real estate market slowly begins to change in favor of buyers, savvy sellers can still dominate their own home sales by using home staging to maximize viewer numbers and convert them to buyers.

The incredible Seller’s market that has dominated Real Estate sales over the past 18 months is showing signs of change. That will bring a sigh of relief to buyers who have had to compete in price wars for almost every home in recent times. Hints of change are coming on the back of increasing vaccination rates for Covid-19 and its effect on transforming life to pre-pandemic levels. The real estate market appears to be at the start of a transition from a raging buyer’s market to what everyone hopes is a more sustainable outlook. While that change isn’t at full speed yet, the first few data points are unmistakable according to veteran Houston area home stagers The Staging Team.

In the Houston TX area, the number of homes with multiple bids began to slow in August, with a smaller number of regional homes sold over the asking price compared to July. September data showed it also took longer to sell homes in the Houston area than in the previous two months. Realtor.com’s September market report confirmed the same trends nationally.

According to The Staging Team’s Rebecca Jones, “Sellers can still optimize their own home sales by using home staging. Buying a home is a visual process that lacks impact when rooms are empty. Adding visually stimulating furniture and decor allows prospective buyers to see themselves in your home instead of having to imagine it.”

Jones adds “The staging process works in person and in online advertising. More buyers are attracted into a staged home in the first place because the online photos are so much more compelling than empty, vacant home images. Getting multiple buyer interest over the front door is the number one thing sellers can do to improve their chances of a quick, over the asking price sale.”

Signs are the peak of the buyer’s market may be over, but savvy sellers can still put buyer psychology to work in their favor by letting their beautiful staged homes do the selling. Get a staging quote from Rebecca’s team today by clicking on the link at the top of this press release.

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