Houston Home Health Care Services Agency Helps The Elderly, Seniors Age In Place

People are living longer and longer. The Nursing Homes, Assisted-living facilities can't keep up with the demand of our aging population. Many families choose to have the love one live with them to provide the needed care. Lighthouse Caregiver Systems ease the stress on Caregivers.

LightHouse Caregiver Systems

Houston, Texas Home Health Care Services Company Lighthouse Caregiver Systems Releases Technology That Let the Elderly, Seniors, and the handicapped age in place and give their Caregivers, peace of mind in knowing that their love one’s are safe.

People are living longer and longer today than any other period in history.

There are more than 39.8 million Americans age 65 or over. By 2030 there will be 70 million and by 2050 over 100 million. Nursing homes, assisted-living facilities and skilled care providers are finding it difficult to keep up with the demand of societies aging population.

Therefore, many families have made the decision for an elderly parent or love one to live with them to provide the care that’s needed and to keep an eye on mom and dad’s overall well being. The burden of these added responsibilities increase the pressures of everyday life and include coordinating Transportation, Health & Medical Needs, Dining and Managing Finances.

Caring for an aging loved-one is both rewarding and challenging. It can often lead to a great deal of stress and can be financially taxing. The constant trips back and forth can be emotionally draining. The missed work can be financially devastating.

The typical family Caregiver’s average age is 46 years old and 61% are female. They spend 21 hours a week providing care. 1 out of 3 caregivers said they need help. Caregivers need a way to reduce the stress associated with caring for a love one and know that their love ones are safe.

Lighthouse Caregiver Systems Tele-Health system monitors Activities of Daily Living, Love One’s Health & Wellness and the love ones Household Environment. Each caregiver system is configured and programmed to match the Families requirements, including built-in Socialization, Communication and Cognitive activities.

The system can be accessed by family members, caregivers and medical professionals using the web-based interface to assess the wellness and safety of the resident. The system can also be instructed to send an alert email, text message or phone call to caregivers if something is amiss.

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