Houston Health Insurance Benefits Surge as ACA Popularity Surges In Key States

Rick Thornton, a Houston health insurance agent, says the latest poll showing ACA popularity isn’t the only poll with similar results, and that’s good news for the long-embattled bill.

Houston health insurance continues to be in the public eye as detractors of the Affordable Care Act continue to wage war and pitch to have the bill struck down. But those court battles seem to have fortified many American’s belief that the ACA is good for them. And in an election year, voters are being quick to speak up.

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According to thehill.com, just more than half of voters in four battleground states are still very much in support of the Affordable Care Act, proving beyond doubt that most voters are in favor of keeping the health care law despite the ongoing court battles that have now drawn the attention of the nation’s highest court. Respondents from Michigan and Ohio are 55% in favor of the act while 56% of voters from Pennsylvania and 58% from Wisconsin also support the bill. Public attitudes nationwide, including those who have health insurance in Houston, toward the Affordable Care Act showed that Americans across the country are still largely in favor of keeping health insurance “as-is.”

Rick Thornton, a Houston health insurance agent, reminds everyone that this is great news considering the ACA has been in the current administration’s crosshairs for what seems like an eternity. The current administration wishes to dissolve the ACA in its entirety and start from scratch, and support for that plan of attack has steadily grown. The latest news might hurt those efforts, Thornton said. Health insurance continues to experience falling costs for average premiums. Obviously, this is a good thing for the consumers who can afford it, as they don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for coverage. The upcoming confirmation of Justice Amy Coney Barrett only muddies the water even more, however. The bill will head to the nation’s highest court on November 10.

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