Houston Health Insurance and ACA Still Face War In The Courtroom Amid COVID-19

Rick Thornton, a health insurance agent in Houston says latest virus pandemic has not slowed down current administration’s efforts to kill the Affordable Care Act.

Houston health insurance continues to be in the current administration’s crosshairs as lawmakers make every attempt to kill the Affordable Care Act, which turned 10 years old in March. In any other time of the year, most Americans would consider this news as unfortunate at the most. But there is a lot of head-scratching going on considering how rampant the coronavirus pandemic is and how many Americans are jobless and desperately need as many options as possible for quality healthcare that pays for critical testing and treatment.

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Many people feel now is simply not the right time to threaten peoples’ healthcare coverage. Yet, the current administration has joined with some states to dismantle the ACA. In fact, the president said that the growing crisis surrounding COVID-19 hasn’t changed his mind, and the state’s highest court is set to rule one way or the other later this year. The president believes he can come up with a better plan as statistics continually argue that more than 20 million additional Americans have signed up for Houston health insurance since the ACA became law 10 years ago. On top of this, 11 states have that offer their own ACA exchanges have set up special enrollment periods.

Rick Thornton, a Houston health insurance agent, said these legal battles and inner bickering between red and blue states won’t end soon, but it appears as though the Affordable Care Act is going to put a ton of Americans into a position to get quality health insurance while they are unemployed — and lawmakers will need to listen. Thornton said that health insurance continues to experience falling costs for average premiums. The same data shows that 8.3 million Americans have signed up for coverage this year. This is only a 2 percent drop from last year.

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