Houston Commercial Technology Salvage Buyer Expert Property Loss Video Launched

A new video and salvage deal set has been launched by Robert Alexander, the commercial property salvage specialist. He buys and sells salvage machinery and technology throughout Houston, Texas.

A leading commercial property salvage website has launched a new video showing some of the general salvage machinery and equipment it can pickup in the specialty equipment niche. Robert Alexander helps the disposition of commercial property recovery among insurance carriers and agents.

More information can be found at: https://youtu.be/HZgM3bvgbZw

Robert has uploaded some salvage content to his new website, and added some working deals both in general niches and specialty niches. He has three focus areas besides dealing in general property loss, including sheetfed offset presses, high technology, and medical imaging and other equipment.

He welcomes any large loss claims inside or outside of his specialty niches, and can give a fair offer for any general consumer electronics, like televisions. He can also pay premium prices for damaged high end exotic cars and vehicles.

Robert Alexander buys and sells a wide range of commercial business property settlements. Property from commercial insurance settlements, which have a salvageable substance, can be picked up and then sold for a competitive monetary recovery.

This provides a better option than the final dispensation being an order to landfills. The buyers have the expertise, knowledge and skills in a specific niche to re-manufacture and rebuild or repair damaged property.

This means that they can recover some of the loss in value occurred when items get damaged or broken. The team buys and sells, and a lot of the insurance salvage on offer has reuseable or repairable market value.

Robert states: “Whatever the perils a business or institution covers their property against, life happens and with it inventory, equipment, machinery or other property gets damaged. Selling that property is often the best remedy for all parties.”

He adds: “We help insurance carriers (companies) reduce their net loss settlement payouts to maximize recovery results by buying and selling their salvageable settlement assets for a reasonable but reduced price from their original value.”

Full details can be found on the company website at: https://commercialpropertysalvage.com/category/for-sale/deals

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