Houston Acupuncture Chronic Pain Treatment Holistic Healing New Location Launch

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Phoenix Rising Acupuncture has moved to a new location in Houston, where it continues to serve local patients. It offers wellness plans and holistic healthcare solutions for a range of conditions.

Phoenix Rising Acupuncture, one of Houston’s top acupuncture clinics, has announced a move to 1219 S Shepherd Drive, Houston, Texas. The team has been featured in Goop, Houstonia Mag, and Houston Modern Luxe Magazine and offers a range of wellness plans.

More information can be found at: https://phoenixrisingacu.com

Along with high quality acupuncture services, Phoenix Rising Acupuncture offers one of a kind wellness programs, cupping therapy, wellness coaching, nutritional coaching, and a range of other benefits.

Lori J Earley, at Phoenix Rising, explains that the physical body is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to health. The team goes beyond the physical aspect of discomfort or disease through the use of traditional and holistic healing approaches.

People consider getting acupuncture treatments for a wide range of reasons. For example, it could be to do with the need for stress management, or to treat post-game muscle aches. Other people might simply be feeling sick or tired.

Acupuncture can be a highly effective form of treatment in a variety of scenarios. It often shines where traditional forms of medication and treatment fall short, and is especially beneficial for those dealing with chronic pain.

Phoenix Rising states: “Acupuncture is also an effective tool to maintain health. Even for the healthiest, an acupuncture treatment is suggested at least 4 times per year at the changing of the seasons in order to effectively boost the immune system, calm the nervous system, and regulate hormones.”

There are a number of benefits to getting professional acupuncture treatments, including the fact that it’s proven to reduce inflammation. When inflammation is reduced, the body can heal naturally, and this is something that acupuncture promotes.

It can also help to eliminate allergies and food sensitivities, regulate hormones, and calm the nervous system. Other benefits include being able to create healthy blood flow to organs, muscles and skin.

Full details of the benefits can be found on the Phoenix Rising Acupuncture website.

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