House Of Pheromones Launches With A Bang – The Future Of Fragrance

House Of Pheromones Launches its new fragnance

Pheromones – they’ve long been advertised in a way that puts the large majority of the general population in “skeptical” mode. And for good reason. Many shady online and backpage vendors often make impossible claims regarding their actual ability to create attraction for men and women.

House Of Pheromones, a company launched late last year has quickly generated a large following of fans and avid readers of the blog. Joe Masters, the owner is also an independant tester for many of the vendors, and writes comprehensive, detailed reviews and information about his findings on specific products. In order to help readers make informed decisions, he also reaches out regularly through a mailing list and answers common questions to issues people may be facing.

At the same time, he has also gained infamy, due to his harsh criticisms of popular, mass-marketed pheromone products that have been available for years. However, they are also known scams that have been dominating the market since their inception. Joe’s goal is to create a popular, informative, and reliable resource for new as well as veteran pheromone enthusiasts.

“Most people find pheromone products to be an interesting topic, although not everyone is sure that they will do what they promise. Unfortunately, there are a large number of scams out there that only have 1 goal: to make as much money as possible off the gullible. My goal, however, is to create a high quality resource for everyone to research themselves, and make their own decisions. They’re not magic, but they are powerful products that can help tremendously in your social, dating, and professional life.”

House Of Pheromones has also become iconic in this small, but growing industry. According to Joe, there have been offers to buy the company so that vendors may be able to write reviews for their own products, and rate them much higher than they would normally. For Joe, however, this is not an option, and simply proves how dishonest marketing companies in this niche can be. In order to keep the credibility of the website intact, Joe has managed to create a clause which prevents competitors being able to “pay their way” to the top.

Joe Masters has recently announced that House Of Pheromones will also be launching a secondary website that is geared towards women. Rigorous screen testing is taking place where field testers are asked to report back their results, and are compared to findings by more established female testers.

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