House Hacking Podcast With Rental Property Real Estate Investment Tips Launched

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A Louisiana-based company just released a podcast series to teach people how they can take advantage of house hacking opportunities to create an additional income stream.

FI by REI, a financial advisory firm based in New Orleans, launches a podcast series centered on the practice of house hacking. Accessible online for free, The House Hacking Podcast is one of the many ways the company leads people toward financial freedom.

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Through the company’s latest release, homeowners and real estate investors can learn how lucrative house hacking can be as an activity. The show features people from all walks of life who have tried renting out part of their property for extra income. It also invites industry experts to share their insights and explain the process from start to finish.

FI by REI features six different approaches to house hacking: room rentals, income suites, accessory dwelling units (ADUs), small multi-family dwellings, work-provided housing, and live-in flips. The podcast episodes are categorized according to each type, so the show’s listeners can easily get inspiration from the ones that apply to their situation.

The podcast is particularly useful for homeowners who wish to improve their finances. By learning how to properly conduct a house hacking project, they can better ensure their chances of achieving financial independence. Real estate investors can also greatly benefit from the show, with house hacking as a potential niche that they can explore.

To reach a wider audience, the podcast episodes have been made accessible through different streaming services, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and Google Play Music.

Established in 2018, FI by REI is a company dedicated to helping individuals and families improve their financial standing by making wise real estate investments. Aside from The House Hacking Podcast, the company also produced another series on the same subject, this time featuring actual case studies of people who have taken on the activity with varying levels of success.

Interested parties may click on the link above to learn more and start listening to both series.

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